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You can go to these hill stations to spend time with your family or with your partner, the cost will be within reach.

People living in cities like Chandigarh often find it difficult to reach the hill stations. Because one has to travel a long way to reach that mountainous area. In this situation, people have to cancel their plans to spend their holidays in hilly areas even after thinking many times for fear of long distance travel.

Today we will talk about a very beautiful hill station Chail located only 110 to 150 kilometers away from Chandigarh. Which is still unknown to many. In this place, you can enjoy summer vacation with your family and partner. For which you do not have to travel long distances.

Chail Hill Station)

It is a beautiful hill station located in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Where you will have the opportunity to see breathtaking views of nature. This hill station is located at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level, which was once the summer capital of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.

The site has a huge cricket stadium, for which Indian Army officers have been deployed. Tourists are allowed to walk and take pictures in this field. The distance from Chandigarh to Chail is only 104 km, which you can easily reach by driving.

Sadhupul lake

If you want there is a very beautiful lake which is known as Sadhupul Lake. This place is great for tourists to visit, where you can take beautiful pictures in the natural waters. Not only that, there are also small cafes on the shores of Sadhupul Lake, where you can eat things like tea, coffee, Maggie and bread omelette.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a fan of wildlife, you can come back from Chail. There is a wildlife sanctuary in this place, where in ancient times kings and maharajas used to come for hunting. In 1986, the government took control of the area, and tourists began arriving later in the century.

In this wildlife sanctuary, you will see different species of animals, birds. This wildlife sanctuary in Chail is home to animals such as leopards and cockroaches, including garals, sambars, red jungle birds, and the best time to visit is between March and October.

Kaali Mandir

Chail is not only famous for its natural beauty. In this place you will find a unique experience of faith and spirituality. At this hill station there is a Kali temple in the middle of the hill, which is dedicated to Mother Kali. You will feel incomparable peace and comfort while walking around this temple. On the other hand, the beautiful and amazing view of the hill can be seen from the temple premises.

Gaura And Jhajja Trek

If you like trekking and want to do some adventure while traveling, you can get a very fun track at Chail. It is known as Gowda and Jhajja tracks. Which is surrounded by tall pine trees. Walking on this track is not so easy, but walking here will give you fresh air. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature while trekking.

Which is not commonly seen in cities. Not only that, you will also hear the melodious sound of birds on this track, which will bring a captivating atmosphere to your journey. That way, you can spend the summer at this hill station with your family and friends. Very close to Chandigarh, where you can use any mode of transport.

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