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Worm manure business is leaving MNC’s job worth lakhs of rupees, earning crores of rupees annually

There are many people in the world who have lost their jobs because of Corona. Then they give up everything and choose the path of business. There are many people today who want to run their own business without a job and want to make a good income from it. Today we will talk about a man who left the work of millions of Tucker MNC and started making earthworm manure.

Today you are earning a lot of money from this work. This person’s name is Nirmal Singh Sidhu, a resident of Colonel, Haryana. Nirmal always wanted to do land related work for which he quit his job for lakhs of rupees. Today Nirmal also made a special acquaintance by making vermicompost. At the same time, they are working to train other people.

If there is no profit by farming, he starts working

Nirmal, a resident of Karnal, Haryana, has become an inspiration to many young people today. After studying engineering, Nirmal started farming because he wanted to do land related work. At that time he was doing farming in a normal way but there was not much profit in this work. Not only that, Nirmal’s family was burdened with debt.

After which Nirmal also had to face many difficulties. However, Nirmal did not give up and decided to go ahead. Now Nirmal started working for it. After that he also started working in MNC company. Where he received a good salary. According to Nirmal, he gets Rs 1.5 lakh per month for this job.

After that Nirmal decided to start his own business. In 2019, Nirmal started work on half an acre of land. Initially only Nirmal set up four to five composting beds. When he got benefit from this work, he also started to increase this work.

It is also working to protect the environment

According to Nirmal, this vermicompost is made from dung, rice straw and earthworms. Nirmal easily gets dung and straw from the village. Also, farmers do not need to burn straw using straw in this work. Thus, environmental protection also occurs. Today Nirmal is selling itself as fertilizer.

Today I earn lakhs of rupees

Through this work Nirmal is able to earn up to eight lakh rupees a year. Everyone is also praising Nirmal’s work. Nirmal believes that if one has business acumen and confidence, he will be successful.

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