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With only Rs 5,000 in his pocket, he owns a company worth Rs 29,000 crore today due to this great idea

There was a time when Sonalika Tractors Chairman Lakshman Das Mittal (Lakshman Das Mittal, Chairperson of Sonalika Group) was working as an insurance agent in LIC. After hard work, he became a field officer and with it Laxman Das Mittal got jobs in different states. While working in 1966, Laxman Das Mittal thought of doing business, when he had only Rs 5,000 in his pocket. And at that time Lakshman Das Mittal started making agricultural implements.

Lakshman Das Mittal

He also had a job. He then retired as Deputy Manager in 1990. In 1994, he started manufacturing tractors. He has also received many international and national honors. And with this Laxman Das Mittal has been awarded the prestigious Shilparatna award.

We would like to inform you that Laxman Das Mittal has 3 sons, the eldest son being the Vice President of Amrit Sagar Company and the third son of Laxman Das Mittal Deepak Mittal, MD of the company. And Lakshman Das Mittal’s second son is a doctor in New York. And Laxman Das Mittal’s two grandchildren Sushant and Raman (Sushant and Raman) do well in design, investor relations, marketing, products and international business.

Rahul, another grandson of Laxman Das Mittal, runs his family’s real estate business. We would also like to inform you that Laxman Das Mittal’s daughter, whose name is Usha Sangwan, was also the MD of LIC. The most surprising thing is that Laxman Das Mittal used to work as an agent in this company.

Lakshman Das Mittal

He founded Sonalika Group in 1969, which exports tractors to about 120 countries around the world. At that time Laxman Das Mittal started this company for making agricultural machinery. But then in 1995, Laxman Das started making Mittal tractors. Today, International Tractor Limited has become the third largest tractor manufacturer in India.

Lakshman Das Mittal

Laxman Das Mittal’s International Tractor Limited has huge business in the North Indian states. Sonalika tractors are also very popular among farmers in villages in Haryana, Punjab and western Uttar Pradesh. Sonalika manufactures more than 3 lakh tractors a year. Even Laxman Das Mittal manages his company today at the age of 90.

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