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Why son Salman Khan is not agreeing to get married, father Selim Khan replied

Bollywood’s brother Jan, bachelor superstar ‘Salman Khan’ (Salman Khan’s) marriage is often discussed. All the fans starting from his relatives also want to know why Salman Khan is still unmarried? And Salman Khan has been hesitant to answer this question as many times as he has been asked and has avoided the issue.

Salman Khan’s father ‘Selim Khan’ has also been questioned many times about not marrying his son. According to reports, the first name in Salman’s life was that of actress ‘Sangeeta Bijlani’. Salman was once in a relationship with actress Sangeeta Bijlani. This was admitted by Salman Khan himself. Salman Khan also said that the relationship between the two became quite strong.

The two of them were going to get married but for some reason a distance was created between them and a rift broke out. Salman Khan was also associated with several Bollywood actresses. A video was shown to everyone through the show where the actor’s father said, ‘Salman tries to find his mother in all his relationships, which is why his relationship broke down.

He further said that a heroine with whom the cause of intimacy grows and a relationship is established. But later Salman finds someone like his mother inside the lover, which is not found, which causes problems. According to Salman’s father, this is the reason why the actor has not been able to get married yet. It is also heard that actor Salman is no longer interested in marriage. However, her fans are hoping that Salman will get married.

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