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Why is the train bogie sometimes red, sometimes green? Of every color

Every year billions of people around the world use trains for their travels. Trains have become an important part of fast and long journeys. You, almost all of us must have traveled by train because the train is not only very comfortable for traveling, its cost is much less than the cost of other means like airplane, car etc.

In addition to low cost, train travel is considered to be enjoyable. But do you know why the color of the bogie of the train we travel on is different. Often you will find that many trains have different coaches in red and blue. (Why different colored coaches on the train) There are reasons behind this. Let’s find out now.


Extensive use of trains

Today, millions of people use trains every day to travel to their offices, homes, villages, cities, or tourist areas. In addition, trains are used to transport billions of tons of goods from one country to another or from one state to another.


The color of the coach

The color of the bogie of the train can be seen during the journey. (Train coach color) Coaches are blue, red, green and sometimes white. Railways have a big reason behind keeping the colors of coaches different. Indian Railways has given it a new look after much thought. Each color coach has its own characteristics.


Blue coach

The reason behind the blue coach of Railways is that this coach is called Integral Coach. In fact these coaches are made of iron and use air brakes. These were made at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, but gradually other colored coaches are being used in their place, but these coaches are still available on trains like Mail Express and Intercity. In the old days this coach was used a lot but now its use has decreased. It also weighs more. If we talk about its speed, then its maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour. So it is used in trains like Mail Express and Intercity. It is also called ICF coach.


Red coach

If we talk about the use of red coaches, then this coach has been used since 2000. This coach was brought to India from Germany. But now it is being made in Kapurthala, Punjab. The specialty of these colored coaches is that they are made of aluminum and are lighter than other coaches. It also has disc brakes. This train can run at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. These are used in fast moving trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi. The red coach is called Link Hoffman Bush (LHB).


Green coach

You must have seen the train with the green coach. Green coaches are currently being used on poor chariot trains. At the same time brown coaches are used in meter gauge trains. The speed of the green coach is also high. Due to which its color has been made green. These trains can run at speeds of over 200. Prominent among the poor chariots and as far as the brown color is concerned, the brown coach was used in small line trains but now it is being used in limited quantities. Boogie brown was seen in some superfast trains but now it is being used more in freight trains.

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