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Why do raw nuts hit Bengal nowadays? Musician Manomay Bhattacharya replied with regret

In the age of internet, if something goes viral, it reaches millions of people, just like if something goes by a person or it is something unique, once it goes viral, it spreads in the country and abroad. One such person who went viral was Bhuban Badyakor, whose song Raw Almonds is popular all over the world today.

He is now recording various songs. Everyone saw how he became an overnight star with a song. But it remains to be seen what talented artists or musicians will comment on. Today, Monomoy Bhattacharya, a talented and skilled musician, said,

It’s time to dump her and move on. Besides, people are listening to what they see on the internet. ‘People are listening to my songs just like people are listening to the songs of the world. Those who remain are still there, those who are lost are also lost. No matter how popular he is. ‘

At a cultural event, Manomay was asked by the media about Bhuvan Badyakar. He said, what more can I say about it. Okay, it went viral. But people have to choose between good and bad. “I knew beforehand that any song was popular on record or on the radio,” he said. That song would have gone viral. Now music is going viral on the internet. So it is becoming a little difficult to judge the good and the bad of the people. But ordinary people have to choose which is right and which is not right.

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