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Whose voice is behind Rocky’s serious voice in KGF, find out the identity of the artist

Faced with great success, ‘KGF Chapter 2’ is raging at the box office. The movie is made in Kannada industry but the Hindi version is doing very well. The movie has been dubbed in Hindi. Looking at this film, it is clear that the star Yash has undoubtedly acted in the film with hard work and skill. Every word of this movie in Hindi is very simple and clear.

Due to the Hindi version, the people of North India understand the picture very well. But let me inform you, Hindi dubbing has been done by dubbing artist Sachin Gole. His popularity is everywhere in the southern industry from Bollywood. The Hindi version of the film is of the highest quality. Some of his dubbing dialogues have become very popular.

“The wounded lion’s breath is worse than his roar”, this powerful dialogue in Hindi shook him. Another of his popular dialogues was, “You have to raise your hand for a chiller, you have to raise your hand for a note.” After the dubbing of Sachin Goal, these dialogues are on everyone’s lips.

Three years ago, in 2016, the megablockbuster film ‘KGF Chapter-1’ was in full swing. He also praised that film. It is worth mentioning that Sachin Gole has done Hindi dubbing in many southern films. The Hindi accents on the mouths of many more stars like Allu Arjun, Yash and Dhanush are his creations. Which became very popular. He has been doing Hindi dubbing of Telugu Tamil and Kannada films with his voice.

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