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Who has the ability to play the lead role in a powerful movie, said Mukesh Khanna

In the 90’s, Shaktiman was a favorite show of every child. Shaktiman was once considered one of the prominent artists of India. Not only that, Shaktimaan was India’s first superhero (Shaktimaan). Through the iconic character of Shaktiman, “Mukhesh khanna” made his mark in every house.

At the same time, film critic Taran Adarsh ​​recently shared an information on social media and said that Sony Pictures is preparing to work with actor Mukesh Khanna again in this project. He further said that soon a picture is going to be made about Shaktiman, about which many names are being heard nowadays. Who will play the superhero in this movie? There is a heated discussion about this too.

According to the report, a big face of Bollywood will be given the responsibility of acting in this role. In fact, the names of many artists started to be associated with the pictures made by Shaktiman as soon as the discussion started on social media. Ranbir Singh along with Akshay Kumar, Saharukh Khan, Ajoy Debgon and Tiger Shrof are constantly on the list.

The name of the main character of Shaktiman has not been revealed yet. However, the teaser of this film has been shared by Mukesh Khanna himself through social media, so that there is a slight hint of strength. This time Shaktiman is seen again in his golden armor. Also in the teaser the shadows of the big buildings are clearly visible. Fans are excited about the film after the teaser was released.

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