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What will happen if Shah Rukh’s son has less experience and skills, Amazon Prime refuses to invest in Aryan series

Shah Rukh Khan is at the top of the list of places in the world of Bollywood. Although he started acting in the 90’s, he is still very active in the world of cinema. His movies are released in theaters every year. But Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is the exact opposite of his father. He is not connected with the world of cinema in that way.

After being involved in a drug scandal a few days ago, Aryan is almost making headlines. After getting rid of drugs, he thought of doing something for himself. Although he wanted to be a director because he was not interested in acting like his father. However, Shah Rukh Khan is a big-time actor as well as a film director.

Aryan talked to his father about that. He also made a web series. Everything was going well. He decided to release the web series on Amazon Prime. But Amazon did not agree. It has also been reported from Amazon Prime that Aryan needs to take training before making a movie.

Aryan has been asked to learn first to make a movie. Neither Shah Rukh Khan nor Aryan Khan has said anything about this. Instead, Aryan Khan wants to leave Amazon Prime and move to Hollywood. It has been reported that Shah Rukh Khan will buy rights in Hollywood for his son. Ariana has focused on watching English movies, she wants to remake those pictures in Hindi.

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