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What a big change is going to come in the coming days on Twitter, tweeted Elon Musk himself

One of the biggest platforms on social media is Twitter. That Twitter company was bought by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. He got ownership for crores of rupees. He spent a total of বিল 44 billion to buy the company. Elon Musk tweeted himself.

Twitter has since been transformed into a private company. Talks with Elon Musk’s company have been going on for several days. However, due to various issues, it took time to reach an agreement. Elon Musk got ownership yesterday. He posted a part of the article on Twitter. The article says,

‘Freedom of speech is very important for a democratic structure. That’s why Twitter is called Digital Town. In Bengali, Jake is a place to discuss the future of humanity. He indicated that the platform would be further developed and updated. He plans to open source in the future, to increase the trust of users.

Twitter’s spam buttons will also be removed from the platform. This platform is designed as a searchable and encrypted messaging system. However, some Twitter users do not like it. Twitter chief executive Parag Agarwal called it “dark”. Moreover, netizens have also started trolling.

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