WandaVision Spelled out: Episode 7 Breaking The Fourth Wall Recap

WandaVision Explained Recap Episode 7

Did WandaVision just expose its Huge Undesirable? Marvel/Disney+

Spoiler Warning for Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” of Marvel’s WandaVision

In our past weekly WandaVision recaps, we regularly questioned not only the mother nature of Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), but if there was still a Large Terrible at enjoy to be revealed further than Wanda’s individual villainy. As it turns out, it was Agnes all along, in accordance to one particular of the show’s catchier tunes. But ahead of we dive into today’s important expose, let’s recount the big beats main up to it.

Using its cues from the aughts, “Breaking the Fourth Wall” is an fantastic mix of Modern Family and The Office with straight-to-digicam confessionals and, well, an awareness of the fourth wall. Wanda wakes in her bedroom fighting a terrible hangover, though it isn’t a really hard night time of booze that’s accomplished her in. It is the effort and hard work it took to develop Westview’s boundaries final 7 days and increase the size of her Hex. Personally, the previous seems a good deal additional exciting.

This week’s opening credits notice that “WandaVision” was “created by Wanda Maximoff” (she’s going to make a killing off of syndication and long run streaming broadcast rights) although Vision awakens just exactly where he lay in the course of his in the vicinity of-loss of life working experience this 7 days. Promptly, Wanda’s entire world of Westview is beset by glitches the twins’ video game technique retains cycling by different eras (Nintendo Wii, N64, Atari, Uno playing cards). The Westview Almond Milk (the only beverage shown in the fridge that does not belong to a genuine business) transforms into unique period-precise milk cartons, which include a person with a Lacking label featuring a young boy (how did Wanda populate Westview with young children through final week’s Halloween episode?).

Billy complains about the voices in his head (basic sorcerer), Tommy desires to know wherever his Father is and all Wanda needs to do is choose a working day for herself. “I’m starting off to consider that every little thing is meaningless,” she tells her 11-12 months-aged youngsters. You know, parenting. But, as usually, Agnes reveals off suspiciously impeccable timing as she pops by and presents to enjoy the boys. It’s at this position that every solitary viewer screamed “DON’T DO IT, WANDA” at their TVs, laptops, iPads, etc. Alas, we weren’t able to crack the fourth wall from the other aspect.

In the course of a person of her confessionals, Wanda suggests of the glitches “I don’t fully grasp what’s taking place. Why it’s all slipping apart and why I cannot fix it.” The off-screen interviewer responds, “Do you believe perhaps it is what you have earned?” Hmm, that’s not meant to occur.

Outdoors the Hex, Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo are attempting to out-fox the evil performing SWORD director with their own system to use a room rover to infiltrate the Hex. For all of our theories about the id of the aerospace engineer Monica talked about weeks ago (Reed Richards? Rhodey?), it turns out to be a Important Goodner, who we’ve never viewed in the MCU. Often, us overeager supporters about think the small stuff. It transpires, no problems.

Billy suggests he likes it at Agnes’ place simply because she’s “quiet…on the inside.” Red Flag #367 that Agnes is up to some shenanigans. Somewhere else, Vision provides Darcy’s genuine identification to the forefront so they can crew up and resolve this entire mess. Sad to say, Wanda is subconsciously producing impediments to keep them away from dwelling, which at the very least gives Darcy time to fill in Vision’s lacking backstory. Discovering your wife killed you to preserve the universe only for a purple asshole to carry you back to existence and get rid of you yet again in entrance of your wife is not specifically a pleasant revelation. At minimum Eyesight gets to do his most effective Jim Halpert effect in this episode (which he nails).

Again outside the house the Hex, the rover completely fails to break into Westview and Monica need to escape right before she’s swallowed whole. It seems as if she takes advantage of a little bit of tremendous toughness though it’s these types of a swift second that we just cannot inform for positive. Yet our suspicions are confirmed times later on when she pushes via the boundaries herself—no rover required. This sequence sees her quite being warped throughout numerous planes that incorporate the disembodied voices of her past. It’s a nifty very little scene with shades of Stargate2001: A Space Odyssey and Speak to. When she at last breaks as a result of the other facet, her eyes are glowing blue. I believe that we’ve just officially been launched to Photon.

Again at property, Wanda is downing a handful of the antidepressants advertised in this week’s fake commercial—Nexus, which are also critical beings in Marvel comics that prop up their very own realities. I believe that this is also the very first time WandaVision has showcased an marketed product or service in just Westview outside of the commercials. Monica makes an attempt to reason with Wanda and for a break up second, it appears to be like as if she may do well. But that wily Agnes breaks it up and delivers Wanda around to her dungy put. Inspite of half eaten sandwiches and cartoons on Television set, there’s no indication of Tommy and Billy. Dun dun dunnnnnn. 

Agnes prods Wanda to check out out the basement (Red Flag #368), which seems like it was ripped straight from the dwelling of Merlin’s black sheep brother. It skews nearer to a dim and dank dungeon full with a glowing guide that is almost screaming EVIL MACGUFFIN. At this stage, Agnes confirms prolonged-managing admirer theories that she is indeed Agatha Harkness, a Marvel comics character who was a witch that survived the Salem witch trials. (In the comics, she actually will come to mentor Wanda, but it appears like they’re likely whole evil right here).

A excellent new tune plays that reveals Agatha behind all of the important goings on, like the arrival of Pietro, the mishaps at the magic present, manipulating town people, faking her conversation with Eyesight very last 7 days, intervening in Wanda’s confessional and even killing the spouse and children dog. (Facet Notice: Rather great that Episode 7 introduces both of those a new hero and a new villain.)

To spherical it all out, we get a mid-credits scene (classic Marvel). Monica reveals the creepy basement, but Pietro pops up out of nowhere (superspeed). “Snoopers gonna snoop, huh?”


  • Eyesight seems to be coming to the realization that the only way this is going to close is with his loss of life (yet again).
  • Evan Peters’ Pietro isn’t the identical character from the X-Men franchise, he’s a recreation of Agnes’ a lot like how SWORD is trying to recreate Vision
  • Perhaps it is time we neat it on all of our Mephisto theories. At this stage, it would make extra perception for the Major Lousy to be a character we have been seeing the total time alternatively than a person we have by no means viewed before.
  • We had been right on the revenue with our theory that SWORD was trying to recreate Vision as its very own sentient weapon. Observer drops back again, it shoots, it scores—two points!
  • It’s not Marvel’s fashion to introduce a main new character totally cold turkey. Thanos was initial witnessed in the Avengers submit-credit score scene ahead of appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy. Vision was briefly found in the trailer for Age of Ultron before basically staying released. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 tipped us off to Adam even although we have not in fact fulfilled him however. Even inside of WandaVision, we’re launched to a new hero and villain we’ve been viewing the complete time in Monica and Agnes. The forthcoming main surprise cameos have to be men and women we’re acquainted with both from the MCU or X-Gentlemen universe centered on Kevin Feige’s observe history. I’m thinking Medical doctor Bizarre and perhaps one particular other multiverse character.

The Truth Begins to Reveal Itself on This Week’s ‘WandaVision’