WandaVision Series Finale Described: Episode 9 Recap & Review

WandaVision Finale Explained Recap Review Marvel Disney+

What the WandaVision finale suggests for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel/Disney+

In its closing episode, Marvel’s WandaVision lived up to director Matt Shakman’s warning that none of our admirer theories would make a difference in the conclude. All of our rabid speculation, conspiratorial dot-connecting, and over-obsessive sleuthing held the exact same effect as bullets bouncing off Hulk. But do not despair. WandaVision, nor any Tv set series, is built to are living up to the really distinct strategy supporters make up in their heads. That doesn’t present up does not indicate the past 9 months of communal monoculture viewing and conversation are wiped away like the reminiscences of Westview citizens. We have more than relished the journey and Marvel has demonstrated that Disney+ is a platform ripe with possibilities for the MCU.

But, in all fairness, that doesn’t mean WandaVision automatically caught the landing. While “The Collection Finale” elicited some nicely-acquired tears with an psychological core that remained sturdy all over the show’s operate, the closing episode still teetered as a generic CGI gentle clearly show. Let us dive into what worked and what did not.

*Spoilers follow for the series finale of WandaVision*

Wanda vs. Agatha

The climactic showdown among Agatha Harkness and Wanda was a bit of a letdown, comprehensive with clunky dialogue that feels extra like an episode of Brokers of SHIELD with flashier names. It’s rushed, more than-reliant on colourful strength beams and thinly sketched at times.

Agatha is a generations-outdated witch with enormous electric power and expertise, an benefit she points out to Wanda, who has in no way certainly understood the root nor the extent of her magical abilities. Her endgame is to absorb Wanda’s Scarlet Witch powers for herself.

(Facet Be aware: We recognize she required to participate in it reduced crucial in Westview as she collected far more facts on Wanda. It is also realistic that she didn’t arrive to the business summary that Wanda was indeed the Scarlet Witch right until just lately. But if siphoning her magical items was the best aim, it would have been significantly less difficult to do it though she was continue to in incognito method instead than after she’s kidnapped Wanda’s kids and exposed her dastardly prepare.)

Agatha reveals that there’s an whole chapter in the Darkhold ebook devoted to the Scarlet Witch, who we find out is stronger even than the Sorcerer Supreme (aka Medical doctor Peculiar). The prophecy related to the mythical ability foretells of an apocalyptic drive that will destroy the planet. Mainly, Wanda is a ticking time bomb of destruction a lot like the Phoenix Power from X-Males. Agatha may perhaps have been greedily thirsting for Wanda’s electrical power, but when our Avenger entirely accepts and embodies the Scarlet Witch mantle, Agatha seems nicely and truly terrified. We now have our major carry-around plot place for Doctor Unusual in the Multiverse of Madness.

Throughout their struggle, Agatha starts to absolutely free the minds of Westview citizens from Wanda’s spell. Dottie (serious name: Sarah) reveals her child has been locked away in their space all through Wanda’s Westview family vacation. Many others beg for death as Wanda’s grief is poisoning them. It’s however yet another dim and intestine-wrenching screen of the toll this illusion has played on them. Wanda is the inciting villain of the tale, and for the episode to later on attempt and reposition her actions is laughably misguided.

Nevertheless Wanda could not be a formally properly trained witch, her powers of perception are powerful. She turns the tables on Agatha by erecting runes on the Hex partitions that protect against her adversary from making use of her magic, just as Agatha did to her in that spooky dungeon basement. She then doles out the greatest punishment by sentencing Agatha to dwell as nosy neighbor Agnes. “Okie dokie,” Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes/Agatha suggests as she’s trapped in herself (till, of program, Wanda wants a magic lesson sometime in the upcoming. Hahn will possible be seen once more at some stage.)

All in all, it was a bit of an anticlimactic resolution. WandaVision‘s composing has been leading notch all season, but resorting to prophecy to at the same time conclude and propel your tale ahead feels a little bit like cheating to navigate a maze. There was no parallel amongst the action and the psychological thrust of the collection.


It’s previously turn out to be apparent to Westview Eyesight that he is not the authentic write-up. So when he will come throughout White Vision teased in very last week’s put up-credits scene, he realizes this must be the remnants of the correct blue model. The two tussle for a little bit in a stable spherical of fisticuffs befitting WandaVision‘s sizable spending plan. But it is Westview Vision who has been dwelling with his relatives all this time, understanding a lot more about humanity, establishing better abstract assumed when White Eyesight was only just lately introduced on the internet. This enables him to cause with his counterpart by way of intellect and empathy, showcasing his progress more than the previous nine episodes.

Through the present, Westview Vision has been unlocking citizens’ true subconsciousnesses in buy to acquire responses. This may have also been a tidbit of foreshadows as he’s ready to do the identical for White Vision, restoring all of his reminiscences, in get to established him absolutely free. This means that the Vision we came to know in Age of Ultron all the way through Infinity War is indeed “alive” when extra. But sorting through the messy tangle of his lifetime, his twin fatalities, and the difficult predicament with Wanda is a large amount to get on at the moment. Then White Vision flies absent. That’s a plot level that will definitely surface area in a foreseeable future MCU task as he is not viewed for the relaxation of the episode.


Audiences ended up understandably thrilled and perplexed when Pietro (Quicksilver) returned in Episode 5, only to be played by Evan Peters (who portrays the character in Fox’s X-Men franchise) instead than Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who portrayed the MCU version in Age of Ultron. In the finale, Pietro is keeping Monica hostage in his dwelling. But you simply cannot preserve a fledgling superhero down for very long. Monica discovers that Bogus Pietro is actually an actor named Ralph Bohner who Agatha delivered a charmed necklace to give him capabilities. In the close, Evan Peters’ casting was just a ruse to perform with Marvel fans.

It is perfectly all right that Pietro’s existence didn’t match up with fan theories. Again, audiences never have to be correct for tv to be great. But why intentionally run subterfuge from your personal fanbase and invite a bombardment of speculation by casting Peters only to pull the rug out from below us? Why not get a completely distinctive actor to enjoy the section if that was your close sport? He and Wanda shared an psychological discussion about their childhood trauma that served shade in her past. Now it feels like an needless roundabout and a waste of strength that ultimately renders a major mid-period plot stage meaningless, as a result negating the body weight of the narrative. Communicate about cutting off the nose to spite the deal with.

The Finish

Soon after Monica turns the tables on “Fietro,” she rushes out to the town square to enable the Maximoff spouse and children combat off incoming SWORD forces. Hayward has been a pompous jerk this complete period, but right here he doesn’t wait to vacant an whole clip at Wanda’s little ones. My gentleman, take it down quite a few notches. Fortuitously, Monica is there to absorb the bullets into her overall body and eject them innocuously out the other facet. Her powers are nonetheless quite nebulous at this point, so we’re heading to have to have some more rationalization on that.

With all threats neutralized, Wanda frees the citizens of Westview. Knowing that she ought to choose down the Hex, and that Eyesight and her kids cannot exist with out it, the family members return home for a tearful goodbye. The loving mothers and fathers tuck their young children into bed and Wanda many thanks them for allowing her be their Mom. In the strongest scene of the finale, and a person of the strongest of the full display, Wanda and Eyesight share a cherished previous few times alongside one another ahead of the Hex collapses and he disappears for great.

Wanda calls Vision a generation of her “sadness and hope” and “mostly my appreciate,” and shut up I’m not crying, you are crying. Just after nine episodes, it’s at last crystal clear what WandaVision definitely is: a appreciate story. This sentiment is effectively-gained and it’s offered the place to breathe that it would in no way have acquired on the huge display screen. “So lengthy darling,” Vision claims as he dissolves into a stunning pattern of golden essence. To uncover our life’s intent, we require only go so far as to the one’s we really like.

The Hex is long gone and Westview is restored to its earlier form. Wanda walks by means of town, earning only glares from the citizens and not the violent mob she variety of warrants. And then Monica features the episode’s worst sentiment: “They’ll in no way know what you sacrificed for them,” she tells Wanda. Are you kidding me?

This attempt to reframe Wanda’s immoral and legal actions is borderline offensive and surprisingly tone deaf for a collection that has been so deft at navigating gray regions. For weeks, Wanda imprisoned Westview’s 3,982 citizens, contaminated them with her ache, forced them to live alternate lives and locked away their small children. Her grief and trauma are worthy of sympathy. But to absolve her in this precise minute, in the direct aftermath of the cataclysm she’s dependable for, feels like madness. (It may perhaps also be just one of the episode’s breadcrumbs main to Health practitioner Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.)

Finish Credits Scenes

Monica is invited for a personal chat with an agent who reveals herself to be a shapeshifting alien Skrull (Talos’ daughter?). “I was despatched by an previous friend of your mother’s. He listened to you’d been grounded. He’d like to meet you.” Monica is likely to room! We’ll see her in Captain Marvel 2 and maybe Samuel L. Jackson’s Magic formula Invasion series.

In the other put up-credit rating scene, Wanda has long gone total lumberjack Dexter Morgan by isolating herself in a cabin in the distant woods. At initially, she’s having fun with a great cup of coffee on her porch but then…a next Wanda is learning the Darkhold in the back again. She’s in comprehensive Scarlet Witch manner searching really decked out in evil forces when she quickly hears her children crying out for assistance. And that is in which we’ll probably choose back up with her in Health care provider Weird 2.

Unanswered Inquiries/Lingering Views

  • Great Wizard of Oz reference in the course of Wanda and Agatha’s fight.
  • So was the aerospace engineer Monica teased Significant Goodner or not?
  • What are Monica’s powers?
  • Did Wanda take in Agatha’s magical powers? As soon as the Hex comes down, there are no extra runes to maintain Agatha at bay. Is she unaware of her possess magical capabilities now that Wanda has set her in Agnes variety?
  • Ended up Tommy and Billy far more “real” than Vision, who she created by herself? Evidently, they continue to exist in some variety considering that she can hear their cries? Are we having a Mephisto or a Nightmare just after all? Will this be touched upon in Health practitioner Strange 2? Perhaps her little ones now reside someplace within the multiverse.
  • How will White Eyesight, who is now totally restored typical Vision, re-enter the MCU story?
  • Why deliver Darcy into this tale if she’s only provided just one scene in the finale? Her position could have been filled by a person else. In some cases, the MCU turns inward only for the sake of self-reference.
  • WandaVision hedged it bets with the sitcom structure. Wanda need to have ongoing broadcasting even as her alternate truth fell aside around her. She retreated into the comfort of sitcoms, so thematically a resolution could have been partly formed in just one particular as nicely.
  • Immediately after the deliberate weirdness of WandaVision, are Marvel lovers all set (or probably keen) for the standard and straightforward motion of The Flacon and the Wintertime Soldier? And if cinemas are equipped to reopen and revive Marvel blockbusters, will the Disney+ collection keep the identical cultural cachet? We’ll know in a matter of weeks.

WandaVision is accessible to stream in whole on Disney+.

The End of ‘WandaVision’ Was Way Too Neat to Make Any Sense