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Viewers don’t like the performance of these 5 flop actors, Bollywood survives for nepotism

Two things are very important behind the success of any film, firstly the story of the film and secondly the person who is playing the main character in the film. However, most of the time in Bollywood, the stars get the opportunity to act because they are sons or relatives. On the other hand, talented actors fight from generation to generation. There are 5 flop actors in Bollywood whose movies are not good at all. Even though they are in Bollywood, I will tell you the names of some such actors.

1. Himesh Reshammiya –

Himesh Reshammiya is as well known and established as a good singer and composer, just as much as an actor. Himesh has been under the pressure of acting since 2006. He then acted as the protagonist in the film ‘Aap Ka Surur’. Unfortunately the picture flops. After that, he acted in ‘Kajarre (2010), Dum Dum (2011), The Expose (2014), Tera Surur (2016), but each film became a flop.

2. Sohail Khan –

Sohail Khan is the younger brother of Bollywood’s ‘Vaizhan’ superstar Salman Khan. However, brother Sohail could not be a big actor like Dada. He made his film debut in 2002 with ‘Maine Dil Tujhko Diya’. Since then he has acted in many more films. However, the audience never liked Sohail’s performance.

3. Jackie Bhagnani

Many may be unfamiliar with actor Jackie Bhagnani. He is not good at all in terms of acting. Some of his flop films are called ‘Mitran, Ajab Ghazab Lav, Faltur’. Despite being the son of film producer Bashu Bhagnani, he is still alive in the film world.

4. Tushar Kapoor –

Tushar Kapoor is the son of the then actor Jitendra and brother of Ekta Kapoor. He is not very good at acting. He is also working in Bollywood due to being Jitendra’s son. Besides, Ekta Kapoor has her own film production house. The ‘Golmaal’ series starring Tushar was the only choice of the viewers. Besides, almost all his pictures have flopped.

5. Arya Babbar

Raj Babbar is a veteran actor of Bollywood. But sadly, his son Arya Babbar was not able to act like his father in Bollywood. Her film RK Bars was released in 2002. The image flops perfectly. Even after that many pictures of him come. But he could not act in any film. As a result the pictures flop. That is why he is considered as one of the Bollywood actors.

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