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Vegetable seller’s daughter brightens family name, becomes city civil judge through hard work

Many things are possible with effort. At one time there was no money to buy forms, go to coaching and other expenses. But today his efforts and hard work have brought success in life. Ankita Nagar, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, whose father is a vegetable seller by profession. Ankita has struggled in spite of many poverty and hardships without losing courage.

The financial situation of the painting family was not good at all. Her father used to sell vegetables in a cart on the side of the road. Her mother used to sell vegetables in a wheelbarrow with her father after finishing her household chores. And Ankita also helped her parents sell vegetables. As a result of his hard work, Ankita is currently working as Civil George.

Her parents as well as everyone in the area are very proud of the success of the painting. Ankita Nagar, who lives in Indore, has secured 5th position in SC quota in ‘Civil George’ examination. Ankita used to settle accounts in vegetable shops indiscriminately and people thought that Ankita would do something very important. Ankita studied LLB from a private college in Indore and then did LLM in 2021.

Although the financial condition of Ankita’s house was not good, the family members made her study so much but sometimes due to lack of money, Ankita could not fill any required form. In addition to her studies, Ankita helped her parents with household chores. For almost 3 years, Ankita was busy preparing for Civil George but failed. Family members were always encouraging and Ankita never lost courage in supporting the family.

Now that she has succeeded and the results that have come out, not only is the painting happy, her family members are happy too. The people in the market and the people in the area are also very happy. In an interview to the media, Ankita said that the results came a week ago but there was an atmosphere of mourning in the family over the death of a relative, so I hid the good news. But now we have shared this good news with everyone and everyone is very happy.

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