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Until 2 years ago, he was a day laborer, today he is world famous for directing music of KGF

Actor Yash’s film KGF 2 was released on 14th April 2022, the day of Ambedkar’s birth anniversary. People are really liking this movie. People have been waiting for this film for the last four years. Even before the film was released, people booked tickets in advance. After the film was finally released, the film and its creators have once again won the hearts of the people.

People like this movie so much that it has earned more than 300 crores in just two days. This movie was dubbed and released in different languages. The film has grossed over Rs 100 crore in two days from Hindi language alone. The film is setting new records every day. Let it be known that people are also liking the Kannada music of Robi, the music director of this film.

Now various information about Robi is coming up on social media. When people get to know various information about Robi, people like his music as well as the story of his life very much. Let it be known that Robi’s pictures are going viral on social media now. Where Robi is seen doing day labor. Seeing this picture, people are speculating. And this is why music director Robi is very popular.

In fact, these pictures of Robi were shot during the lockdown. He was helping his father then and at that time he shared these pictures on his Facebook. He wrote in the caption of these pictures that we are puppets of God and God often reminds us of old times. According to reports, Robi’s father was a laborer and he worked for 35 rupees a day.

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