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Two and a half year old Aditi came back alive from the terrible deep jungle, find out how the girl came back after 4 days ..

There is a saying “Rakhe hari to mare ke.” That is, as long as God has given you life, if you stay in a cage with a tiger or even jump off a hill, no one will be able to kill you. The living proof of this is a 2.5 year old child. He was alone in the forest for 4 days. But in spite of that, nothing happened to him, he has returned home in a healthy and strong way. Let’s not briefly know the subject of the incident.

The baby’s name is Aditi and the baby is a resident of Belgabi district of Karnataka. Aditi and her parents went to visit a relative’s house in Chirekhani village near the forest of Chapoli. The elders of the house did not notice when Aditi went out to play and then went to the forest. Then Aditi lost his way in the forest and was trapped in the forest.

He has been missing in the forest for 4 days. Unable to bear even hunger and thirst, Aditi became unconscious. But in spite of having so many man-eating animals, insects and snakes in the forest, not a single scratch fell on Aditi. He was in perfect health. There were only mosquito bite marks on him and very few injuries.

When Aditi went to the forest, her parents and others searched for her but could not find her. Then Aditi. News of the disappearance quickly spread to the village. Then the police and 150 villagers started searching for him. After searching for 4 days, when they were unable to find Aditi, the child’s parents and villagers abandoned him. But some youths from the village later found Aditi in a forest 1.5 km away from home.

Aditi was taken to the doctor immediately after the discovery. The doctor said that Aditi is healthy and strong. The rest of the villagers were scared because a few days ago a plane crashed in the forest. The two soldiers were eaten by the beasts of the forest. So everyone was scared thinking the same thing about Aditi. But Aditi had God’s blessing and she was completely healthy and strong.

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