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Turned down job offers in America, set up a company worth Rs 36,000 crore from a small garage

The founders of Bansal, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Myntra, the three largest e-commerce portals in India, are the most well known. Bansal is one who has chosen an area for e-commerce business that is out of sight despite its huge business potential. Peyush Bansal who started an online optical store called Lenskart in 2010.

He is one of the most successful startup entrepreneurs in the country today but he has faced many difficulties to reach this level of success. Piyush Bhansal’s father was a chartered accountant. She wanted her son to study hard and get a good job. The father never allowed the child to fail in his education.

Piyush also studied well without disappointing his father and joined Microsoft in the United States after earning an engineering degree from Canada. Her annual package here was also very good, but after working for a few years she felt bored at the job. In 2006, he decided to return to India.

Piyush’s parents were angry at his decision. Although he tried to persuade the boy, Piyush did not agree. Back in the country, Piyush started thinking of starting his own business without working for any company. E-commerce was a new concept in India at that time and there was a lot of potential in this field. Piyush has launched a classified website

This website provides student accommodation, books, job opportunities etc. This website has been running for three years. By 2010, online business in India had grown very fast. To enter this space, he launched four websites for online sales of glasses, jewelry, watches and bags,,, and

With the changing times, Piyush has focused entirely on Has made it the largest online optical store in the country. Today Lenskart has opened its offline stores in all major cities of the country with all modern conveniences. Not only that, at present the company is serving more than 1 lakh people every month with the help of its 500 outlets.

Lenskart is expanding its business across the country by adopting the franchise model. Experts believe that there is a lot of profit in the business of lenses. Starting such a profitable business through technology is truly revolutionary. And this is why Lenskart is growing day by day and at present the value of the company is more than 11000 crores.

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