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To make the roof of the house, the balcony attractive, today with the opening of the spell coconut, this pot, along with gardening, the house will also look beautiful.

In big cities like Delhi and Mumbai there is always a lack of space. Due to which it is very difficult for the residents to garden on the balcony. In this situation it becomes very difficult to plant more trees in less space. In that case, if you are also looking for an alternative to pots, coconut shells can be used to plant beautiful flowers and plants on the veranda.

Coconut is used in any Indian home to make a variety of food starting from puja. Whose shells are often thrown away in the garbage. In such cases you can use coconut husk for gardening.

Creative use of coconut shell

You can use coconut husk as a hanging pot on the veranda. For which you have to remove the white part of the coconut. Then with the help of drilling machine make 4 holes on both sides of the coconut shell so that it can be used with a rope.
Next, the soil and fertilizer mixture should be filled inside the coconut husk and the hanging plant should be sown in it which will hang outside the husk.

Next, sprinkle water on the tree and hang coconut shells on the porch with a rope, which will look very nice. You can use a thin iron or steel talc instead of a rope to hang the coconut husk. Which does not break even due to strong and strong winds. This way you can decorate your veranda beautifully with coconut shell, where the green plants and flowers look very beautiful.

Plant in coconut husk

Coconut water is widely consumed during the summer season. Whose shells are often thrown away in the garbage. In such cases you can also use coconut husk which can collect a lot of soil inside.

For this, you need to cut the top of the coconut into a round shape with the help of a knife, then clean the inside and fill it with soil and manure.

How to use coconut peel

Plants and flowers should be planted in coconut husks that grow easily in very little water and hang like vines. Also, don’t forget to close the coconut shell hole with a piece of pebble. Otherwise the soil will start to come out along with the water from that hole.

Bird water feeding place

It is not necessary that coconut husk be used only as a container for keeping trees. You can also use it as a bird feeder. Water for birds can be kept in a coconut husk, on the other hand the husk can be hung on a verandah with a rope to hold the grain inside. This way you can use coconut shell in many ways. Which is why it doesn’t have to be trash.

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