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Thoughts increased in Bollywood, KGF-2 set a new record as 1 week

The box office has been rocking since the movie KGF Chapter 2 starring Yash was released in theaters. The film has been released in different languages ​​and has made a good impression in each language. The movie KGF Chapter 2 has set a new record for the first week of Hindi cinema. Among the 5 highest grossing films in the country, there are 2 films which were not made in Hindi. However, the Hindi-speaking audience liked the film very much and made a good impression at the box office.

One of the two pictures is ‘Bahubali-2’ and then ‘KGF-2’. However, Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Jersey’ will be released at the box office on Friday. And at the same time producer Niroj Pandey’s film ‘Operation Romeo’ is being released. Although fans are now looking to see KGF Chapter 2 at the box office.

Meanwhile, KGF Chapter 2 has set a new record with revenue. The film has earned around Rs 524 crore in its first week in the country. The biggest contribution was the revenue of the Hindi version of the film. Let me tell you, the voice that was heard in the Hindi version of the film is not Yash’s. The film is dubbed by another artist Sachin Gole. It is seen that the film has earned around Rs 14 crore in the Hindi version on Thursday.
Judging by the revenue of the film, on the day of its release, the film had a great opening of around Rs 54 crore in Hindi version.

46.79 crore on the second day, Rs. 42.9 crore on the third day, Rs. 50.36 crore on the fourth day, Rs. 25.6 crore on the fifth day, Rs. 19.12 crore on the sixth day and Rs. 16.32 crore on the seventh day. Has earned crores of rupees. The film has grossed around Rs 270 crore in Hindi, averaging a new record.

Please be informed that ‘KGF-2’ is at the top in terms of revenue in the first week of all the films released in Hindi in the country. So far no film released in Hindi has managed to earn Rs 250 crore in its first week. Earlier, Bahubali-2 was number one in terms of income in the first week, while KGF-2 Bahubali-2 was behind in terms of income in the first week. Due to this reshuffle, Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Sanju’ has slipped from the top 5 highest grossing number.

The top five films judging by the first week’s earnings are: – So far KGF Chapter 2 movie has bagged the first place in terms of earnings. Whose earnings in the first week were Rs 270 crore. This is followed by the famous film ‘Bahubali-2’, which grossed Rs 247 crore in its first week. The movie ‘War’, which earned Rs 238 crore, is at number three. ‘Sultan’, which earned Rs 229 crore, is at number four and ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, which earned Rs 206 crore, is at number five. Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Sanju’ earned Rs 203 crore in the first week and went to No. 6.

Now if we talk about the collection of all the languages ​​of the movie ‘KGF-2’ of the superstar Yash, then it can be seen that the movie has earned around 700 crores worldwide. Where domestic box-office revenue has exceeded Rs 500 crore. However, two new films ‘Jersey’ and ‘Operation Romeo’ will be released on Friday. Now it remains to be seen how much impact KGF Chapter 2 will have on the two new images in this race.

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