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This young lady has made eco-friendly bricks with paper and plastic, selling them for only 6 rupees.

Today’s youth are very much aware of the environment. The present young generation is coming forward and making people aware to protect the environment. Meanwhile, various steps have been taken to make the society plastic free. Where plastics are a major cause of environmental pollution, non-essential plastics are a nuisance. In today’s report, we will inform you that eco-friendly bricks are being used for unnecessary plastic products.

Yes, such a young woman is Neha Tagore. Who is making practical bricks by mixing ordinary cement with coconut husk, fine sand and other non-essential plastic products. He graduated from Chandigarh University and is currently working in an engineering college. Making high quality bricks through a new technology. Where bricks are lighter than ordinary bricks and the price is much lower than the conventional bricks in the market. Which is suitable for human use. In a word, nutritious food for less money.

Let me tell you in detail, where the current price of an ordinary brick in the market is 10-12 rupees, the price of this eco-friendly brick is only 6 rupees. Understandably, the price is almost half, moreover, where the weight of ordinary bricks is more than 4 kg, this brick will be less than 3 kg. And these bricks absorb less water than ordinary bricks, thus helping to conserve water due to less water wastage. In particular, these eco-friendly bricks are quite suitable for house, wall, road as well as other masonry work.

According to experts, bricks that have low water absorption capacity have higher external weather resistance. Especially temperature resistant. Moreover, the cost of production of bricks is also low. Where we have a lot of things that we throw away after use, especially plastic products. There, Professor Neha Tagore has been mixing these plastics with other materials to make eco-friendly bricks through technology. According to sources, he has also filed a patent for bricks in this technology.

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