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This woman is running a family of 4 children by picking up garbage, earning 3 lakh rupees in a month, find out more

Everyone thinks that a good business requires a lot of money. But in fact it is not at all. The most important thing to set up a business is ideas. If someone has a good idea, he can set up a business worth crores of rupees for less money. Today we will talk about a woman named Anita who used to work as a garbage collector and through that work she has made a business worth crores of rupees by her own intellect.

Anita is a resident of Delhi. Today he is making beautiful things out of garbage. Although this journey of business was not straightforward for Anita at all. Today, Anita is not only earning a good amount of money through her work, but also the lives of the garbage pickers have changed a lot.

Handbags were first started by Rowari.

At first Anita had no intention of doing business. But then he started collecting plastic from the garbage savers and with this garbage he made handbags. He then started taking small projects from his family, friends and acquaintances for this work. Then Anita started Conservative India NGO. Now Anita collects garbage from all areas.

After working with garbage pickers for almost four years, Anita realizes that their condition is really bad. He then began to learn about recycling technology, as well as weaving, carpet making and bag making.

Anita has set up a business worth Rs 100 crore

Anita’s husband Shalav helped her a lot in this business. Seats were made on a large scale by the Shalv machine. The machine was exhibited in plastic bags. Anita got the opportunity to participate in the exhibition at Pragati Maidan in 2003. From where he later received an order of 3 million.

Then Anita slowly started getting orders from many places. Today he has started a business worth 100 crore rupees with this idea. After learning about Anita, everyone is praising her passion and hard work.

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