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This time it is easier to take the groom passengers on the train .. IRCTC has brought a bunch of new facilities

People often book cars or buses for the occasion. However, no one has booked the train that way yet. This time Indian Railways has launched a new facility for booking coaches and full trains for special trains. Let’s find out the details.

No matter how far away your destination is, the special train will get you right to your destination. However, the place should be easily accessible for the chain train route. For this you need to contact IRTC. Every year more than 100 coaches are booked on different trains. You can book a train after giving some necessary documents.

Now you may be wondering, how do you book a train or train coach? But how much will it cost? If you want to book a train coach, you have to pay Rs 50,000 to Indian Railways. On the other hand, if you want to book the whole train, then you have to pay 9 lakh rupees for the whole 14 coaches. Let me also inform you, if it is more than 7 days, you will have to pay 10000 rupees extra. Indian Railways has made a lot of new rules for booking trains. The train you want to book will have 14 to 16 coaches.

If you want to book a train for a private event, you need to contact IRCTC directly. You even have to pay 35% more than the fixed rent. Rocky further informs you, some amount of money you have to deposit with the railway authorities, which you will get back at the end of the trip. By the way, other taxes starting from GST will be levied. All you need to do is create an ID or PWD. PAN card number is required. After entering all this information, OTP will come on the mobile, through which you will need to verify the Aadhaar card number. If you provide all the information correctly, you can easily book a train.

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