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This time electricity will reach home without him, the attempt of scientists was successful

In the present age, the science system is quite advanced. Being updated more and more as the days go by. But it is possible to run an electric device without electricity ?? Yes, it is possible. In addition, electricity can be supplied in the future. TVs, refrigerators, fans and all electrical appliances will no longer need any electrical wiring to run. This system will work like a mobile network. Scientists’ experiments in this regard have been completed and have been successful.

The system was first discovered in 1960 by the great scientist Tesla. It was then known as Tesla Coil. But after his death no such research was done on the subject. However, research is currently being done on this technology. It is possible to send electricity with the help of Tesla coil. He does not need any power connector for that.

The study was conducted at the US Naval Research Laboratory. Scientists there have created a coil similar to Tesla’s. It will be able to send 1.6 kilowatts of electricity per kilometer. The whole procedure follows Tesla’s principles. According to the Tesla system the electricity has to be converted into microwave first, then focused on a beam of the receiver. There is an X-band dipole antenna with an RF diode. When microwaves are combined with antennas, current is generated.

Similar studies have been done in several countries before, but they have not been successful. But now it is possible. The U.S. Department of Defense is working to develop this technology. Once the technology is successful, it will provide people with incredible benefits. Electricity will reach every house like WiFi.

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