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This public school facility in Haryana also attracts private schools, all the students get marks of close to 90%.

At present, as the tendency of parents towards private schools has increased, the importance of government schools is also decreasing day by day. Usually when you hear the name of a government school, you think of that old building and the plain cloth uniform. Today’s parents think that if their children are admitted to government schools, they will lag behind other children.

However, now the situation is changing. There is a government school in Haryana which can beat even a private school. Located in the village of Saungri in Kaithal, this government school is equipped with all kinds of facilities. Looking at this school you can also tell that it is a perfect place for children.

Everything from the children’s uniforms to the school garden is very well decorated here. This school has strengthened not only the structure but also the education. It is surprising to know that more than 90 percent of the results of each class come here every year. In addition to the knowledge of books, external knowledge of children is also imparted here.

These government schools are taught through digital boards and video lectures. Also, a lot of care is taken about cleanliness in school so that children understand the importance of cleanliness. For this purpose dustbins have been set up at all places of the school. Also the walls of the school are decorated with beautiful paintings. CCTV cameras have been installed in schools for security reasons.

Sign boards have been put up all over the school so that the person coming from outside does not have to face any problem. For the safety of the girls, a sanitary pad machine has also been installed in the bathroom so that they do not face any inconvenience. The school has all the facilities from science lab to computer lab and modern library.

Kuldeep, the acting principal of the school, said that the government school was quite normal in 2016, but the hard work of the staff, the department and the help of the panchayat have helped bring the school to a great place. Today, these government schools are in no way inferior to private schools.

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