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This man turned 21 acres of barren land into a huge jungle

Planting trees is very important to maintain the balance of nature and protect the environment. Millions of saplings are planted in our country every year. But after planting, people forget about care, as a result many trees dry up. However, there are some people who understand the importance of the environment. Trees provide green air as well as fresh air to the earth.

In today’s report I will learn more about an environmentalist who brought greenery to 21 acres of barren land. Suresh Kumar is a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka. He bought 21 acres of land in the Sagar area of ​​Shivamogga district in Karnataka about 10 years ago. It is known that this land was barren at first but now Suresh has turned that barren land into green natural forest.

According to reports, eminent environmentalist ‘Akhilesh Chipli’ helped Suresh Kumar a lot to make the fertile land fertile. During a conversation with ANI, Akhilesh said that the name of this forest is “Usha Kiran”. It means “morning sun rays”. The land that Suresh bought was like a desert at first and there were thorny plants growing there.

However, he wanted to use the land for social development. So he contacted environmentalist Akhilesh Chipli. At his suggestion he decided to turn it into a forest. The green forest in this land is the result of 10 years of untiring work of Suresh. At present all kinds of species exist in this beautiful forest.

Significantly, the forest has now become a center of study for environmentalists and students. In addition, wildlife enthusiasts come to the forest and capture the images with their cameras. At the same time, all of them have accepted the promise of such forest growth. According to Akhilesh, the forest was started by planting only a few varieties of saplings, but it continued to grow over time.

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