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This is the smallest car in the world, in terms of price and mileage

Some places can be reached very quickly by car or bike. People are the first choice of different types of cars. They also become different designers. Today I will tell you about the smallest car in the world. The owner of the smallest car in the world is Alex Orchin from Britain.

The name of this small car of Urchin is Peel P50. It is 134 cm long, 96 m wide and 100 cm high. Alex said people make fun of him because the car is small. But he said the amount of petrol in the car is so much less. Alex uses this car in his daily life. He is about 6 feet in height. People were surprised to see him driving a small car in such a situation.

Not only that, people make fun of Alex for his actions. However, he is very happy with his car, because the mileage of the car is very good. The Peel P50 has a 4.5 horsepower engine. You would be surprised to know that the car gives 42 kmpl mileage. Where India’s highest mileage car Maruti Suzuki Celerio gives 35 kmpl mileage.

Peel Engineering Company has built the Peel P50 car. It was first made between 1982-1975 and reproduction began in 2010. Alex Orchin says he can use this car in all sorts of ways. When he goes out on the road, people look at his car more than him. The car became the world’s smallest car in 2010. Not only that, the name of the smallest car in the world is also written in the Guinness Book of World Records, this car of Alex from Britain.

However, even if it is small, you will be surprised to hear the price of the car. The 134 cm long car is priced at over Rs 84 lakh in Indian Rupees. Alex bought a second hand P50 because of the price. Which gives a maximum mileage of 36 kilometers per hour. He also told the media that he had toured the whole of Britain with the car last year.

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