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This is the last shop in India, then the path to heaven begins

A shop located at the far end of Chamoli district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. You will be surprised to know that this shop has also been named as “India’s last tea shop”. It is located in Mana village in Chamoli district, which is very close to the Chinese border. And this is where the Indian border ends. The shop was opened twenty-five years ago in the village of Mana by a man named Chandeh Singh Barwal of Uttarakhand.

People gradually came to know about this shop, and it became so popular that it became famous all over the country. If a tourist comes to visit Uttarakhand, he must visit this shop and many people take selfies, pictures and videos here. The scenery here is so beautiful that people from far and wide come here to visit.

Located in Mana village of Chamoli district, this shop is also very famous for tea and Maggi. When people come to visit there, they don’t return without eating tea and Maggie. Tourists who come to this shop also take pictures of them here. People there also believe that there is a way to heaven after this shop. You will be surprised to know that earlier the name of this village was Manibhadrapuram, and this village is related to Mahabharata.

The locals also believe that the Pandavas of the Mahabharata ascended to heaven from this village. Some even say that this is the way to heaven. It is also reported through a signboard on the main road of the village, this is the last village on the India border. Located in the village of Mana, this store offers delicious tea and very spicy Maggi. Tourists often take selfies and share them on social media.

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