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This Autowala has come up with an innovative way to save customers from the scorching heat of summer. You too will be amazed.

People are adopting new ways to survive the heat. Such as using AC, cooler, fan etc. But with these things only home can be saved from the heat. Outside the house we have to endure the heat to burn that body. And to survive then we usually take shelter under a tree or a tent.

There are some people who have to stay out in the hot sun all day. And the lives of these people have become really difficult. In such a situation, an auto driver has decorated his car with green. So that the passengers can be relieved even if it is a little bit from the heat.

He has decorated his car with small pots and grass so that he can get relief from the heat. And the most important thing about this auto is that it is very interesting and beautiful to look at. Because everything is full of green and soothing from the heat. The image of this rickshaw is going viral on the internet and the image is being shared a lot.

This photo of the auto driver was first shared by Eric Solheim, president of the Green Belt and Road Institute. He wrote in the caption, “This Indian planted grass in his car to escape the heat. This is a really cool thing. Users are showing great interest in these posts.

Karuna Tiwari, a Twitter user, wrote that we also need such autos in our roads and colonies. Because nowadays it has become a common thing to get very hot. We need to take this step to get relief from this heat. Another user showed interest and wrote this idea is very innovative and others. Other auto drivers should also take this step.

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