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They are cultivating high quality onions by making their own seeds, big profits are coming

In the face of rising inflation, current farmers are adopting different methods of cultivation in their fields. As a result, they are getting good profits. Today we will tell the story of a farmer who saw the rise in price of onion and started sowing onion seeds on his own land. And today he is also helping other farmers. Gabbu Lal Patidar, a resident of Dewas in Madhya Pradesh, is 26 years old.

He has been cultivating onions on his land for many years. However, as there was no profit from cultivating these onions, they started worrying about onion seeds. Onion cultivation is the most in our country. Onion is cultivated in about 13.5 lakh hectares of land in the country. Onion cultivation is more profitable in less time. For this reason, most farmers want to cultivate onions.

Seeing this, Gabbu Lal Patidar also used to cultivate onions, but seeing the rising prices of onion seeds in the market over the last few years, he understands that there is not much profit in onion cultivation. Seeing the rising price of onion seeds, Gabbu Lal Patidar started thinking of preparing onion seeds in his field. Gabbu Lal Patidar said, “The price of onion seeds has been rising very fast for the last three years, which has caused a lot of problems for us and the farmers here.”

Due to this farmers are not able to buy onion seeds from the market. So they started making onion seeds in their fields and eventually got success. Gabbu Lal Patidar became an example to the farmers by producing onion seeds in his field. Where onion seeds are very expensive in the market. On the other hand, Gabbu Lal Patidar made seeds in his field and started giving seeds to the farmers at cheap prices.

So that the farmers there can cultivate onions in their fields and make good profit by cultivating these onions. Gabbu Lal Patidar has been helping farmers by producing onion seeds in his field for the last few years. The price of onion seeds in the market has reached around Rs 6,000 per kg. “We have prepared these seeds in our fields and given them to many of our farmers,” he said.

“We have given onion seeds to farmers at Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 per kg.” Gabbu Lal Patidar is busy making onion seeds on a large scale in his field. He has sown about 185 cut onions in his 6 bighas of land. He has set a target that this time he will produce about 15 quintals of onion seeds and help the farmers. Gabbu Lal Patidar has become an example to the farmers there.

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