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These 8 actresses are living happily with their boyfriends after leaving their husbands, one of them has become a mother without getting married again.

Divorce is now commonplace. There are many couples in Bollywood who are married. Again there are some stars who are attracted to bachelor but married women. Nowadays, the issue of divorce has become a dead end. There are many stars in Bollywood who have signed the Veterans Paper. Today we will introduce you to 6 actresses who are enjoying the life ahead by divorcing their husbands. There are some actresses who are living with their boyfriends and some of them have become mothers without getting married. Let’s get to know all those crazy crazy actresses.

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor: –
Actress Malaika Aroro was married to Arbaaz Khan. The actress has been married to her first husband for many years. But suddenly their relationship broke down. Finally, after 18 years of marriage, the actress has divorced her husband and is dating boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. Although the two are very different in age but now they are making a living.

Cama Punjabi: –
Cama Punjabi is a familiar face on the TV screen. Who married Bunty Negi. But then their relationship is severed. And both divorce voluntarily. Cama later married Shalav, a divorced businessman from Delhi. Of course, they used to date before marriage.

Kalki Kekala: –
Bollywood actress Kalki Kekala was first married to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. But after a few years of marriage, their relationship broke down. And they are isolated. The actress then started dating Hershberg. According to sources, the two are now living together and have a daughter.

Puja Batra: –
Actress Pooja Batra got married to Surgeon Sonu Ahluwalia in 2002. But their relationship did not last long. Later this actress got involved with Nawab Shah. They have been seen dating many times. Now they are enjoying married life after getting married.

Dia Mirza: –
Actress Dia Mirza was first married to Sahil Sangha. After a few years of marriage, their separation can be seen. After that, the actress used to date Vaibhav Rekhi. And they get married formally. Although the actress was pregnant before marriage. They currently have a son.

Rashmi Desai: –
Actress Rashmi Desai is a well-known figure on the TV screen. Her husband’s name was Nandish Singh Sandhu. In 2016, a rift arose between them and they divorced each other. The actress later befriended Arahan. Where he was also seen in the Big-Base. Arahan and Rashmi both lived together. Later the distance between the two was created again.

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