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These 5 stars came to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a hero, but as villains, they have successfully gained the popularity of the audience.

Most of the stars dream of setting foot in the Bollywood film industry. Everyone has a hope, to be a hero. But many times the fate of some stars is written differently. That is, they cannot be heroes. Today I will tell you about some such heroes who came to be actors in Hindi movies, but they have turned into villains instead of being heroes. They have gained considerable popularity as villains.

1. Gold interest:

Sonu Sood is at the top of the list. He is seen playing the role of a villain in most of the films. By the way, Sonu Sood came to the world of Bollywood to be a hero, but the audience liked him more as a villain. He entered the world of cinema with a Tamil film released in 1999. Although he is a villain in the movie world, in real life he is a good man at heart. He helped millions of helpless people who were trapped by lockdown.

2. Mohanis Bahal:

He has been seen as a villain in many Bollywood movies. He is the son of famous actress Nutan. He set foot in Bollywood with the dream of becoming a hero, but his fate made him known as a villain. This actor is only seen as a villain. He first entered the film world through Baker’s film.

3. Gavin Packard:

Gavin Packard was the most handsome and smart villain of the 90’s. Many handsome heroes of that time were pale to him. Packard was also a fitness enthusiast, and his fitness brought many actors into the competition. That is why he became a separate fan. However, he is more popular in the Bollywood movie world as a villain than a hero.

4. Rahul Dev:

Actor Rahul Dev has been seen in many Tamil films as well as Hindi movies. He plays the villain in the film. By the way, Rahul Dev came to Bollywood with the dream of becoming a hero, but he got more popularity as a villain. After that, he gained fame as a villain by playing one negative character after another.

5. Nikitin slow:

In the Mahabharata, actor Pankaj Dhir was seen playing the role of Karna. His son Sudarshan Nikitin is slow. Practicing for her good looks and fitness is always going on. He has been seen working in movies as well as many web series. By the way, the web series has become more popular not as a hero but as a villain.

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