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These 5 Indian women played an important role in space exploration

Indian women today are at the forefront of their success in every field. Echoes of his success and merit can be heard from outside the world. Women have also contributed a lot to the writing of success stories under the auspices of the National Space Research Organization of India (ISRO). Today we will talk about the women who have achieved success.

ISRO employs about 17,000 workers and scientists. The main function of this institute is to provide space technology to India. A few days before this voyage, ISRO launched its radar imaging satellite EOS-04. This is the first launch by ISRO in 2022. As much as male scientists contribute to take the country to new heights in ISRO, so do female scientists.

Now Indian women are also moving forward along with men and this is the biggest reason for the progress of the country. Today we will talk about some Indian girls who have made India proud again. In fact, we will talk about the Indian women scientists who have brought the country to a new position with their hard work in space research. A few Indian women scientists who have given a new position to the country through their hard work in space research.

Anuradha TK

Born in Karnataka, the capital of Bengaluru, Anuradha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electronics from the University of Bangalore’s Visvesvaraya College of Engineering. Anuradha TK works as a project director at ISRO. He was instrumental in launching the GSAT-12 and GSAT-10 satellites.

She was also one of the company’s senior female scientists after being part of the 1972 satellite launch. Anuradha has also led various space programs in India. For his dedicated work and significant contributions, he was honored with the ISRO Team Award for the 2012 ASI – ISRO Merit Award.

Ritu Karidhal

Dr. Ritu Karidhal Srivastava was born on 13 April 1965 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He became a part of ISRO in 1997. At this time he was the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter, Mars Orbiter, India. Ritu played an important role during this project.

Known in India as the “Rocket Woman”, Dr. Ritu is an astronaut. He is the recipient of the ISRO Young Scientist Award in 2006 by former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Ritu has given important 18 years of his life to ISRO.

Muttiah Vanita

Muttiah Vanitha, an Indian Electronics Systems Engineer, started his career as a Junior Engineer at ISRO. Initially he worked on hardware testing and development. Later in 2013, he became a part of many projects of the organization including Mangalyaan Mission.

She also became the first female project director of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 Chandra Mission. He has also contributed to many projects, including Cartosat-1, Oceansat-2 and Megha-Tropics. Muttiah is also known as the “Data Queen” because he is an electronics systems engineer and data analysis expert.

Moumita Dutta

He joined the Space Application Center in Ahmedabad in 2006. Indian physicist Moumita Dutt has been instrumental in the development of the Mars Orbiter mission. In the course of his work, he was given the responsibility of developing a methane sensor and the complete optical system of Mars as a project manager.

In addition, he has been honored with the ISRO Team of Excellence Award for his significant contribution. In addition to these, he has so far been a part of various elite projects such as Chandrayaan-1, Oceansat, Resortsat and HYSAT.

Nandini Harinath

As a rocket scientist at ISRO’s Satellite Center in Bangalore, Nandini has worked as Harinath Mangalyaan’s Deputy Deputy Director of Operations. She was also part of the main women’s team of the Mars Orbiter mission. Nandini Harinath first came to the world from space science through the science fiction “Star Trek” on television. Nandini’s first career career was at ISRO. He has contributed a lot to various projects and is still working in the company.

Lalitambika (VR Lalitambika)

VR Lolithambika is one of the most senior scientists in the Indian space agency. He is currently the director of the Indian manned space flight program Gaganyan Lolithambika has been associated with ISRO for the last 30 years and has also been instrumental in the development of the space rocket program. VR Lalithambika was also the Deputy Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Thiruvananthapuram.

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