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These 11 questions will be answered in KGF Chapter 3 after a long wait of 5 years.

“Khun se likhi hui kahani hai yeh, sahi se nehi badegi… agar aaghe barhani hyay to khun hi mangegi.” KGF Chapter 2 (KGF Chapter: 2) now has a different place in each place. This particular dialogue of this film full of great dialogue and action has captured everyone’s mind. Although more pictures have been released after this one, it is known that it has taken the second place after Bahubali.

Popular South actor Yash is seen in the film, besides popular Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and Bollywood actress Rabina Tendon. The film has grossed Rs 928 crore worldwide in 13 days. This time everyone is eagerly waiting for Chapter 3. On the other hand, after liking this film of director Prashant Neel, Yash informed that the next part of it will be much better than the previous one.

This time the question has arisen in many kgf chapters 1 and 2, starting from action, I have seen Rocky brother to be the head of Gold Field. From the death of Adhira to Rocky’s injury, we have seen all these stories of gold sinking in the sea, but what is going to happen in Chapter 3?

First let’s go to its flashback. At first we saw King Krishnappa Beria being Rocky. As a child, Rocky promised his dead mother that one day he would bring her all the gold in the world. I don’t know how you will live, what you will do, but I know that if you die, one of the richest people in the world will leave me.

He was even bedridden after being shot in ‘KGF2’. He is asked what do you want? The black cloud in Rocky’s eyes then, the stubbornness then turned into tears, only one thing speaks – the world.
What is Rocky’s goal? Where does he want to go?
All in all, Rocky must be the richest and most powerful man in the world. He must be the person in the world who has the most gold.

Rocky, on the other hand, was shown drowning in the sea with gold in a bomb attack on an Indian ship. Can Rocky die? Probably not. What are the things that Ramika Sen is hiding. Four big things are shown in the post credit scene after ‘KGF 2’ is over. First, the KGF file: which will be shown in Chapter 3.

Second, CBI officials tell Ramika Sen that Rocky also called ships there from Indonesia and America, she doesn’t know why.
Third, in the midst of all this, CIA officers come to Ramika Sen and find out about Rocky. Because Rocky is America’s biggest criminal.

The fourth and final thing is that Ramika Sen’s facial expressions are like she knows something she doesn’t know anyone. In the post-credit scenario, the Indian Air Force and the Army are shown attacking again. Ramika Sen is seen signing the attack papers. So is Ramika Sen hiding something? Inayet Khalil will have to die to get the world.

Another thing, Inayet Khalil is still alive. Enayet Khalil saw Rocky’s threat. But he is still a big challenge for Rocky. If Rocky has to rule the world in such a situation.
This will be the main story of “KGF CHAPTER 3”.
All in all, this complete flashback and quick forward was needed just to let you know that the Pacific Blue still has a lot of buzz left in the KGF Chapter 3 story.

For example, how did Rocky become the most wanted criminal in 16 countries? How did Inayet kill Khalil? How did he expand his empire around the world in these three or four years? How did his mother’s promise to be the richest and most powerful person in the world come true? Who is the guy who is telling the story of Rocky’s reign to journalist Anand? Does Ramika Sen know that he is hiding? Everything can be known in Chapter 3.

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