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These 10 numbers on the PAN card are very important, find out what special information is hidden in it

Nowadays Pan Card has become an essential document. Because it is not only used as an ID proof, it has also become the main means of financial transactions. It is also very necessary for government work. For those who work in the sector, it has become necessary to have a PAN card to get their salary. The Pan Card contains a lot of important information, which is expressed by the code written in it.

10 digit PAN card code is very special

Your PAN card number, ie permanent account number, is a special code that keeps a lot of information about you secret. When a PAN card is issued, all your financial transactions are linked to the PAN card. In which the income tax department monitors many financial transactions like tax payments, credit cards.

Each PAN card with a ten-digit code contains a composite code of numbers and letters, consisting of the first 5 letters of the English alphabet and then the 4-letter number. After that, again at the end this code contains an English letter.

What is the meaning of this code written on PAN card?

According to the Income Tax Department, the first 3 digits of any PAN card number represent an alphabetical series in English. This series from AAA to ZZZ can contain any three letter series in English. These letters are only prescribed by the Income Tax Department. The fourth letter of the PAN card shows the status of the income tax payer. For example, if the fourth letter is P, then it means that this PAN number is personal.

If the fourth letter is F, then this PAN card is a firm / limited liability partnership. Similarly, if the fourth letter is C, then it means company, H means Hindu Undivided Family, A means Organization of Individuals (AOP), B means Body of Individuals (BOI), T means Trust, L means Local Authority, G means Government.

This number on the PAN card number also gives information about your title. The fifth digit printed on the PAN card code is an English letter. Which displays the first letter of the PAN card holder’s title. For example, if a person’s surname is Kapoor, then the fifth letter of his PAN card will be K, if it is Gupta then the fifth letter will be G.

For non-personal PAN cardholders, the fifth digit printed on this card represents the first letter of their name. Four numbers are printed after the first letter of the title. Which can be any 4 numbers from 00001 to 9999. These 4 numbers represent the Income Tax Department’s series, which is ongoing at the time.

In the PAN card code, only one letter of English is printed in the tenth position. According to the income tax department, the letter could be an alphabetical check digit. Which can be any letter of all letters from A to Z.

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