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These 10 facts prove that there is nothing more powerful in this world than time

It is said that there is nothing more powerful in the world than time. That is also 100% true. If you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Because time has no relation and it does not stop for anyone and it does not slow down. He continues.

However, one of the most powerful things in the world, that is, there are many things about time that you have no idea about. That’s why today we will tell you the 10 amazing facts, which you will not be surprised to know.


1. Every human being on earth is living in the past.

You must have heard this dialogue from a movie, but it is a fact of human biology. Our brain can perceive each event 80 milliseconds later. Because of this fine line between the present and the past, some physicists argue that there is no such thing as “now” and that the present moment is nothing but an illusion.

2. 1 second is not 1/60th of 1 minute.

Scientifically, 1 second is not defined as 1/60th of a minute. It is defined as the “9,192,631,770 periods of radiation associated with the passage between two very minute layers of ground conditions of the Cesium 133 atom.”

3. Time goes by faster for your face than your feet.

According to Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’, the closer you are to the center of the earth, the slower the time decreases and this is measured. At the summit of Mount Everest 1 year will be about 15 microseconds less than the sea level.


4. Different people may feel different times.

You may have noticed that when you are working on deadlines or having fun, time seems to move faster. At the same time, when you get bored, it seems to slow down. This is because when you focus on a big project or party, your brain pays less attention to how time passes. But when you are bored, or your brain is less stimulated, you become more aware over time. , Which makes it feel slow.

5. 1 day on Earth is not 24 hours, but 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.0916 seconds.

We have been told from the beginning that the earth rotates on its axis in 24 hours, which is called full day. Where it is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.0916 seconds. The reason why there is a time of 24 hours from sunrise to sunrise is that the earth moves in its orbit around the sun every day and the day gets a bit longer due to the change in its position.


6. When dinosaurs were alive, there were 370 days in a year.

Earth’s orbit is slowing down, as the moon’s gravity is acting as a pull, so the days are getting longer by about 1.7 milliseconds per century.

7. On the planet Mercury, 1 day equals 2 months.

Each planet has a different time and so 1 day of Mercury is equal to 2 months.


8. New experiences are more lasting in your memory than familiar experiences.

This is called ‘double effect’ and you feel that time goes by faster as you get older, because you know a lot more.

9. The oldest object on Earth is a 4.4 billion year old crystal called zircon.

The crystal was found in Jack Hills, Western Australia. It is only 160 million years younger than Earth.


10. For some reason the new clock is set at 10:10.

The analog set at approximately 10:10 allows the hands of the watch to be displayed in a clear and symmetrical manner that does not obscure any of the logos in the center of the watch’s face.

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