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There was no income in agriculture, only multi-crop and integrated farming instead of method is earning lakhs of rupees today.

Agriculture is the occupation of most of the people in our country. But despite this, the problem arises that even with so much hard work, the farmers can never make a good profit. Sometimes farmers even commit suicide due to this problem. Then again some people leave their state and move to another city to earn money.

But even then, it is not like they get the job they want or earn good money. But today we will introduce you to two farmers who have given up traditional farming and opted for Multiple Cropping and Integrated Farming and are earning millions of rupees.

Ajay Hirpara

Ajay Hirpara is a farmer who lives in Rajkot, Gujarat in our country. The only source of income for his family was agriculture. His family was involved in traditional farming from the very beginning. But his family was not doing well by farming in this way. Because many times good prices of products could not be obtained. Sometimes the product would be ruined due to natural changes.

Beginning of Multiple Farming and Integrated Farming

One day Ajay decided that he would do farming but not traditional. He started Multiple Farming and Integrated Farming to do his farming. He divided his 30 bighas of land into different parts and grew other crops. In this he got success and good production.

His fields have many seasonal crops like pepper, garlic, wheat, onion and gram. He easily earns Rs 6 lakh per season from this cultivation. He also has to reduce the cost of farming. Because he makes fertilizer himself, he does not buy fertilizer and other things for his farming from outside. He mixes molasses, buckwheat flour, cow dung, dung, gram flour and sprays it on the crop with mold. As a result, the quality of the product is much better and so is the production.

Urbin Patel

Urbin Patel, a resident of Gujarat, is doing integrated farming with his friends. He grows turmeric, tomatoes and eggplant along with 10 other crops on just 2 acres of land. His income from this cultivation is 10 lakh rupees. He said that when they did not know about this model before, they had to depend on other farming activities which resulted in low income. But now that they have integrated farming, everything has become easier and their profits are getting better.

What is multiple cropping?

Farmers eat different crops in one season. But if farmers do multiple cropping then it is possible to produce different crops in one go. However, in this case, we have to keep in mind which crop to plant with which crop.

In multiple cropping farming you have to plant other crops at the same time. In this, you just have to be very careful about the time. For example, in winter season, you can plant potato, onion etc. under the soil. In March, you will be able to plant yellow seeds. You can grow garlic, ginger etc. as a spice. You can also grow herbaceous vegetables in it.

You have to choose according to the season keeping in mind the variety of the tree and its height. Then the field should be prepared and a mixture of dung should be prepared. Then mud should be made in the field and crops like potato, ginger, carrot, radish should be planted in it. In the middle of your pole, you can easily plant crops like pulses. In some parts of it you can add other vegetables like tomato, eggplant, cabbage etc. If you want, you can easily plant only tall trees in the middle. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

What is Integrated Farming?

Integrated farming is considered as an advanced form of multiple cropping. If you want to do business with agriculture, then you can resort to integrated farming. These include nursery, dairy farming, fish farming, horticulture, poultry, bee keeping, mushroom farming and many more. It is a system that covers the basic necessities of life.

If you have 4 acres of land, you need to divide it into 4 parts. In one part you will cultivate, in the second you will cultivate dairy, in the third you will cultivate fish and in the fourth you will raise poultry or bees. By doing this, all the demand for fertilizer, animal feed etc. for agriculture will be met from here.

If you also want to make a profit from farming, then you can also make a profit by adopting multiple farming and integrated farming.

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