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The young man is cultivating more than 200 fruits and vegetables by constructing a kitchen garden on the roof of his house

We all know that if we want to keep ourselves and our family healthy then we need to take good and healthy food. But all the vegetables or fruits available in the market nowadays are harmful to our body. Because farmers use chemical substances to produce all these vegetables. These chemicals act as slow poisons in our body.

Makes our body weak and sick. So nowadays people resort to terrace gardening or kitchen gardening to avoid these adulterated vegetables and fruits. So that by producing pure vegetables and fruits in one’s own home, one can get rid of adulterated vegetables from outside.

Today we will talk about a man from Mangalore who has arranged two types of gardening in his house, terrace and kitchen. From this gardening he earns more than 16 thousand rupees per month through a vegetable. And speaking of full income, his monthly income will be around 50,000. The name of this person is Bellin de Souza. He is a resident of Mangalore.

Ener 2.O Terrace Garden is much more attractive. Here you will find different varieties of mango, jackfruit and other different types of fruits. He has been doing terrace and kitchen gardening for almost 20 years now. There are about 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables. Her terrace garden is 1200 square feet and her kitchen garden is 4000 square feet.

In Bellin’s garden you will find 3 varieties of turai, gheya, karla, bean, bean and dragon fruit which are white in color. This dragon fruit takes 3 years to form or bear fruit. You will also find pink dragon fruit which takes 1 year to bear fruit. Here you will also find fruits like cherry, amla, seasonal, lemon etc. Apart from jackfruit, 30 varieties of mango can be found in this terrace.

Bellin also used a growth bag to grow trees faster. The special thing about this garden is that 4-5 trees have been planted in one bag. In a bag like mango, beans, beans, tomatoes etc. He uses grafting techniques to grow these trees so that they can bear fruit quickly. He also grows the most sought after monoli (kundari) vegetable in Kannada in his garden.

These vegetables are sold at 100 rupees per kg. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It bears fruit for 20-25 years and never fails. He said that his mother is 90 years old but still fresh and healthy and she is also very healthy and energetic because they do not eat adulterated vegetables. He added that kitchen gardening is the best.

But for those who lack space, terrace gardening is a must. This will allow you to grow more fruits and vegetables in less space. Bellin has planted potted plants in his kitchen garden and its construction has been done by seeds, not by grafting. Bellin has trained many people to do kitchen and terrace gardening.

Through his training, many have the opportunity to earn 50,000 or more per month. If you also want to do gardening, you need to make sure that the plants get enough sun and water. It is also important to note that any problems that may arise during gardening should be addressed as soon as possible.

You should also start gardening with one or two fruits and vegetables first so that you can enjoy the production work. If you do not do this and try to produce many things at once, you may get bored and face failure. So we have to gradually increase the limit and work on production.

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