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The world is amazed at the talent of the young Indian man who made drones out of discarded electronics

The talent of Indians influences the whole world. Today’s young generation is taking our country to a new height. And the name is shining. Where today India has a special place in the world. Yes, in today’s special post I will introduce you to a young man whose talent has made an impact all over the country. Whose thoughts have enlightened the name India. Let’s find out the details!

Made more than 600 drones: –
Yes, today’s special report I am going to talk about is Protap NM, a resident of Mandia, Karnataka. He is called Drone Scientist for his talent. Let me tell you, this Pratap has created more than 600 drones with the help of e-waste. For which he won a gold medal at the International Drone Expo 2018. News has come out that Pratap has been interested in flying things in his empty space since he was young. From an early age, he would open the store’s toy items and guess its structure and system. Thoughts of drones came to his mind when he was only 14 years old.

Drone Features: –
He started out as an entrepreneur with information about drones when he was 14 years old. And in different ways, there was constant thinking about the system. Eventually, after 2 years, he overcame many anxieties and succeeded. And when he was just 16 years old, he brought his own drone to the world with the help of e-waste. Which is capable of flying and taking pictures in zero air. It has also been shown to be helpful in disasters like floods. Mr. Pratap has so far built more than 600 drones. He is a BSc student in teaching.

Let me tell you specifically, this thought of Pratap did not stop at just 1 drone. His talent has become more talented on the other hand. Notably, he has built more than 600 drones. Among them are autopilot drones, UAVs for rescue operations and even traffic management drones. Pratap’s drones proved to be very helpful during the flood disaster in Karnataka. He extended a helping hand to the victims through this drone. Where drones were used to deliver food, medicine and other necessities. Hopefully, this artist will take India to a different place in the coming days.

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