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The work that the little boy did for the old couple, the picture will touch your mind

In the current age of internet, news or photos or videos often go viral on social media. Recently, a tender image of a child took the social media by storm. A very emotional picture of this child has won the hearts of many people. This scene of this innocent child being incomparable is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The photo was shared by IAS officer Abneesh Sharan on his official Twitter account. Which has touched the hearts of many people so far. Age has nothing to do with passion, love and kindness. Kindness, tenderness can come in anyone, be it child or old. The magical scene of this child is presenting a beautiful and real example of it.

This photo, posted from IAS officer Abneesh Sharan’s official Twitter handle, shows a thirsty elderly couple sitting on the sidewalk by the side of the road, pouring water from a water bottle into a school uniform. The baby pours the rest of the water from his own water bottle into the bottle of the thirsty old couple to quench their thirst.

While the baby was giving water to the elderly couple from his bottle, one of the men on the way took the picture on his camera and shared it on social media. And the image quickly went viral on the Internet. This emotional and magical picture of a small heart is truly admirable and incomparable.

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