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The wife cheated, Dinesh Karthik is a successful batsman in the country after having a bad time

Dinesh Karthik is known as an Indian cricket wicketkeeper and batsman. He was born on June 1, 1985 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to a family. Dinesh Karthik’s real name is Krishnakumar Dinesh Karthik. In his childhood life he was interested in sports as well as studies. Although Dinesh Karthik’s father’s profession was involved in sports. His father was a professional first-class cricketer in Chennai.

Since Dinesh Karthik’s father was a cricketer, he wanted to make his son a cricketer. For his father he developed an interest in his game. And Karthik’s cricket career began at the behest of his father. Initially, he played for the Tamil Nadu domestic cricket team. Then came great success in his life and he participated in the Indian cricket team in 2004. Although at first he was only involved as a batsman, he later looked to the future and started playing the role of batsman as well as wicketkeeper. However, he did not get much of an opportunity in international cricket and did not take advantage of the opportunities he got.

Dinesh Karthik was a professional cricketer for the Tamil Nadu team early in his cricketing career. And he married Nikita in 2007, who was a school life friend of Dinesh Karthik. But after a few years of marriage, they became estranged and decided to divorce. And the divorce between them also happens by their own will. However, after that Dinesh Karthik read ‘Sat Pake Bandha’ for the second time. He got married in 2015 to Deepika Pallikal, an Indian professional squash player.

Dinesh Karthik made his debut for the Indian cricket team in 2004. Dinesh Karthik was called up to play his role when Parthiv Patel was seriously injured during the ODI series against England. Although that match was not good for him at all, he had some success as a wicket keeper but failed miserably as a batsman. He scored just 1 run in his debut match.

Dinesh Karthik started his cricket career as a first-class cricketer, and was selected as a regular batsman and wicket-keeper of Indian cricket in 2004. However, from the beginning, Dinesh Karthik’s performance was not very good. As a result, selectors chose Mahendra Singh Dhoni as his replacement in 2005. But Karthik did not give up and continued to play for the Tamil Nadu team in domestic cricket. And there he continues to perform as an opener batsman and wicketkeeper. The selectors later returned to the Indian cricket team in 2006 as the opener batsman for his good performance.

Dinesh Karthik is generally regarded as a good limited overs cricketer (ODI and T-20). Dinesh Karthik made his debut in Indian cricket before the debut of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He started playing at national and international level in his career. But due to his one failure after another, he could not hold his place and Mahendra Singh Dhoni continued to play in his place. However, he would have got a chance in the Indian team in the absence of Dhoni.

Of course, he was not just in the Indian team as Dhoni’s backup. He started playing as a regular batsman for the Indian team in 2007. And Karthik has been associated with the Indian Premier League (IPL) since its inception in 2008. Ever since the inception of the IPL, he has been performing for one or the other team. He is a regular wicket-keeper-batsman for the Bangalore team in the current IPL. And he has been performing very well for the Bengaluru team and now his performance has won the hearts of the fans. He is a successful wicket-keeper batsman of the Indian cricket team.

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