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The whole of Bengal may be ravaged by a cyclone like Amphan again, there is a danger of it hitting this day.

In the last few years, Corona’s harassment has left ordinary people destitute. Many people have lost their jobs and many have lost loved ones. However, with chest pain, he is returning to normal life. But natural disasters are about to appear like every year to impoverish the people of Bengal.

The amount of damage caused by natural disasters has been increasing in the last few years as well. People have lost their last resources due to natural disasters in some places or villages, just as they have lost the jobs of ordinary people due to Ake Kovid. Natural disasters seem to be the poison of human life. The effects of the cyclone in previous years,

People’s homes have lost everything. Moreover, with the heavy rains along with the cyclone, everything has been washed away by the poor people. Once again, the meteorological department has indicated that the cyclone of drinking mango may come again. In the heat of the month of Baishakh, the condition of the people is getting very bad.

It is becoming difficult to get out on such a hot road after ten in the morning. According to the Meteorological Department, a cyclone is expected in May. Cyclones are already forming in the North Indian Ocean and the South Andaman Sea. Temperatures in both seas range from 26 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. This cyclone will cause deep depression as time goes on. The cyclone will then hit West Bengal and coastal areas of Bangladesh by May 5.

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