The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands Reviewed for 2021

The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands Reviewed for 2021

If you are in a lot of pain, you have probably tried everything to relieve it! Maybe you haven’t yet tried CBD oil, but it slowly has become a quite popular wellness option mostly because of the healing properties of the cannabis plant. As the world works to recover from COVID and the global pandemic, it’s time to look at some alternative supplements you can add to your lifestyle in 2021.

CBD oil is also known as Cannabidiol, which has been proven to be an effective form of pain relief for many, based on anecdotal evidence. CBD oil can help with many ailments to your health like inflammation, chronic pain, and even arthritis and migraines. 

CBD can do more than just help relieve pain, as it also works to help improve the quality of your sleep, can reduce anxiety, and may improve your immunity. 

You should know that not all CBD products are the same, and it can be overwhelming trying to sort through the many options that you can buy. How do you know where to start and what the right product is for your needs? 

We have done the research so you don’t have to and we will provide a breakdown of our best choices for CBD oil in 2021. Understand that we evaluated each CBD oil based on many different factors like the source of hemp, potency, and what type of extracts were used. We did also consider consumer reviews and how much bang for your buck you are getting. 

Best CBD Oil: The 5 Top CBD Products for 2021

If you’re looking for the best CBD products in 2021, you can confidently buy any of these brands on our list. 

1. Royal CBD

Here’s the top pick for the #1 CBD oil to buy in 2021. 

If you need a potent option, Royal CBD carries the most potent CBD oil you can buy for pain relief. Not only that, but Royal CBD makes sure that all of their products are non-GMO, solvent-free and pesticide-free, ensuring they are sourced from ethically-produced industrial hemp, which is rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes.

This company started out small. Founded in 2017, they immediately focused on the quality of their products and on creating a great customer service team. Their focus on customer service paid off as they are one of the most popular CBD companies around. Royal CBD has a reputation for creating pure, highly potent CBD products.

They use a heatless CO2 extraction process, which helps them preserve the purity of the final CBD product. Since it is full-spectrum, Royal CBD is sure to have all of the naturally-occurring phytochemicals that can be found in hemp, allowing you to achieve the entourage effect.

You can buy anything you need at their online store like tinctures, gummies, oils, capsules, pet products, and even topical creams. There are a wide variety of potencies, so there is sure to be something for you, as their tinctures range from from 250 mg to 2500 mg per bottle. Their flavorings are a bit limited, offering only natural, berry, or vanilla flavor, but customers rave about it.

This is some strong CBD oil, and people that need something strong and fast acting will benefit most from using Royal CBD oils. 

For the best CBD oil in the USA, go with Royal CBD. You won’t be disappointed.

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2. Gold Bee CBD

Another great contender for the best overall CBD oil on the market that is great for pain relief and also tastes great is Gold Bee CBD. The top priority for Gold Bee is customer service, and they go above and beyond to make sure their customers get everything they need. 

Like most CBD oils, Gold Bee was established just a few years ago in 2019. Their vision for cannabidiol products was to create products that you could easily incorporate into an everyday lifestyle without making you feel high or out of it. Marketing efforts are aimed at young adults wanting to take an interest in preventative wellness.  

You can look forward to a rewards program, and you can also earn credits if you refer friends to use Gold Bee’s products, or do things like leave a review or keep track of the brand on your social media accounts. You can then use your points for discounts on your favorite Gold Bee CBD products. 

You will find a lot of different flavor options and potency choices as well. Gold Bee sells everything you can imagine like tinctures, topicals, vape cartridges, and you can even buy CBD-infused dog treats for your pooch. 

The full-spectrum CBD oil is most popular and you will find this tincture available in concentrations of 600, 1200, and 2400 mg, meaning you have a lot of options. Some people have a hard time with the taste of CBD oil, but this brand offers a lot of flavors such as citrus, mint, berry, and vanilla flavor, so you will have plenty of options. 

You’ll find the hemp extract oil from this brand is great if your goal is finding tinctures and gummies that taste the best. This is by far one of the best tasting products we tested. If you’re looking for another reliable and established CBD brand, buy from Gold Bee CBD.

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3. Vibes CBD

Whenever you put anything into your body, make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality, and this goes for food, drinks, and products like hemp. This broad-spectrum CBD oil by Vibes CBD is high on our list mostly because of its superior quality.

Vibes CBD was founded in 2018 by a family-run team that wanted to make pure CBD available to the masses. This family-owned company prides itself on selling pharmaceutical grade, hemp products that are certified organic and only available via their website (not in high street stores). 

They primarily sell high quality CBD in the form of tinctures, creams, gels, gummies, and salves. If you need something to help calm your dog during a thunderstorm, you can also buy CBD pet products as well. 

Vibes CBD comes with cannabidiol content in the tinctures of 7.5, 15, 30, or 45 mg per serving, so you can choose your strength. There flavors available are natural, tranquil mint, summer lemon, and orange bliss flavor. Keep in mind that the gummies are available in both strawberry lemonade and green apple and have 10 mg per gummy.

Vibes CBD products are third-party tested for quality and they make sure to only use organic, sustainably sourced, and safe materials. All customers receive a copy of the third-party lab test results with every order for added peace of mind.

On the downside, Vibes CBD is based in the UK, and therefore shipping to the United States can take between 7-10 working days. 

4. Blessed CBD

Customers love Blessed CBD’s oil for its ability to treat pain. This is arguably the highest rated CBD oil on the global market, as customers consistently leave positive reviews for this product. 

A team of UK-based entrepreneurs sought out to provide an effective, premium hemp-derived CBD that could be purchased at competitive pricing. Blessed CBD sells a lot of high quality products, but yet manages to keep the quality consistent throughout. 

You can also easily see the testing records of their products. Customers can scan QR codes from the products that show the specific lab testing results for that specific product.

The nice thing is that you can purchase oils, softgels, powders, gummies, capsules, topicals, and even pet products at their online store, meaning you shouldn’t have to go to more than one store for your CBD needs. You’ll also notice they have oils that are made up of equal amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids.

If you like the taste of unflavored oils you can buy them in potencies of 500 to 1800 mg of CBD, so there is something for everyone. You can also participate in a “Subscribe and Save” program, which will give you a discount on each order and you don’t have to pay for shipping. 

Similar to the previous brand, Blessed CBD is based in the UK. Shipping to the United States can take up to 3 weeks, but it’s worth the wait (Blessed CBD has also been voted “best CBD oil in the UK” by Manchester Evening News, Reader’s Digest, Mirror, Birmingham Live, Leicester Mercury, Express, My London, Hull Daily, Stoke Live, LA Weekly, Bristol Post, Yours, Daily Star and QuitNet).

5. Cheef Botanicals

What type of pain do you have? If it’s chronic and constantly recurring, you want to consider the CBD oil from Cheef Botanicals. They make all-natural products that are quite affordable. 

Created by organic food experts in Colorado, the Cheef Botanicals team looks at CBD holistically. Using only hemp grown in the U.S., they pride themselves in ethically sourcing all their products. 

If you are concerned about quality, you will appreciate that everything they produce is third party lab tested for both quality and safety. And, for those concerned about money, they back their products up with a 30-day money back guarantee, making all purchases little to no risk on your part.

Variety is another thing going for Cheef Botanicals since you can buy almost any CBD product you could possibly want. No more shopping at more than one retailer, as you can buy CBD tinctures, edibles, hemp flowers and pre-rolls, capsules, concentrates, vape cartridges, and topicals all at the same online store. 

Their full-spectrum CBD oil can be purchased in potencies of 300, 600, 1200, and 3000 mg per bottle giving you a lot of options. Unfortunately, their oils are unflavored, so you might need to get used to the taste which can be quite earthy and bitter. As for their gummies, you can buy them in concentrations of 300 to 3000 mg per bottle. 

Some other brands in the CBD industry who also make quality CBD oil but didn’t quite make our list are Nutra CBD Olie, Spruce CBD, Nuleaf Naturals, Charlotte’s Web, Fab CBD, Lazarus Naturals and CBDistillery.

What is CBD oil?

There are a few things to know about CBD oil, which is a phytocannabinoid that is known as cannabidiol. It can be derived from either a cannabis plant or a hemp plant. The chemical is natural and can be extracted and then diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Hemp seed oil has enough fatty acids and even active cannabinoids that can positively affect and improve some parts of your nervous system.

Try not to be confused by the association between CBD and marijuana. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, yet CBD has non-psychoactive effects, so you don’t feel high after consuming it. They do each come from cannabis plants, but they are quite different. CBD is only used medicinally and not in the recreational way that marijuana so frequently is, because CBD doesn’t cause that high feeling. 

It’s important to understand that marijuana contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the compound that has the psychoactive properties that make you feel “high.” CBD oil, on the other hand, tops out at no more than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to generate the high and why it is legal to sell over the counter. Many high potency products in the market are either THC-free or contain tiny trace amounts.

The hemp extract used in CBD oils contains little to no THC, so you never get the euphoric high that you get when you try marijuana. The biggest difference is that CBD oil can be legal federally, and marijuana is not because of the high feeling it generates. 

CBD oil can be used as a health supplement to ease symptoms and health conditions such as anything that causes chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and can even abate some of the side effects of chemotherapy. There are many different forms CBD oil can be infused into like tinctures, capsules, topical creams, gummies, and more. 

How does pure CBD oil help with pain relief?

If you live with a lot of pain, you are probably sick of the side effects that come with some of the most popular pharmaceutical pain relievers. For many people, pure CBD is the best cannabidiol product you can take to help with pain. 

CBD works by affecting the molecular system in the body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is where our neurotransmitters and receptors reside that communicate pain signals to the rest of our entire nervous system. The ECS is involved with a lot of processes in the body like cognition, mood, and physiological events.

With pure CBD, you get all of the health benefits of cannabidiol, but don’t have to deal with the side effects that are sometimes caused by other compounds present in hemp, which means you can take CBD even if you are sensitive to THC. 

Consider taking full-spectrum CBD oil, such as from Royal CBD and Gold Bee, if you want to get all of the active compounds found in hemp, which would include THC. Did you know that there are also over 100 other cannabinoids in cannabis besides just THC? To get the best benefits of CBD, make sure you find a CBD that is free from heavy metals or other contaminants.

The entourage effect might be responsible for full-spectrum hemp being so effective at helping your pain. This effect states that active compounds that are in hemp plants (like cannabinoids and terpenes) have the best effect on the body when they are consumed at the same time. 

What else may CBD help with?

Let’s be clear, if you have a major injury like an ACL tear, you are still going to feel some pain. But, CBD oil will take the edge off and make that pain more bearable. It essentially helps change the way our bodies perceive pain. Consider using CBD as a supplement if you have chronic pain.

Chronic pain can have a variety of causes, but CBD oil can improve your pain if it stems from causes like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraines, and even fibromyalgia.

Make sure you take the right type of cannabidiol oil for your ailment. Something like a topical cream is going to help joint pain, but wouldn’t help with anxiety or seizures – for that you would want a tincture. 

Checklist for finding the best CBD oil

Where is the hemp sourced? Make sure you know the hemp source of any CBD product you buy since hemp plants take on the chemicals from the soil they’re planted in. You want to make sure to buy organically grown hemp so you are not consuming pesticides or GMOs. 

It’s also important to make sure the CBD brand you select has third-party lab tests completed on their products, which will make sure that the cannabis plant has not been contaminated, and you are buying a quality product.

What type of CBD extracts are available? You can expect CBD oil to be available in three different ways. Full-spectrum hemp extract is going to have all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that exist within the cannabis plant, whereas broad-spectrum extract has all of the cannabinoids and terpenes with the exception of TCH, and lastly you can expect CBD isolate to only have pure CBD extract.

What is the overall strength? Make sure you understand the potency of the CBD content before you make your purchase or start dosing. The stronger the oil the better it is going to help your pain, but try not to consume more cannabidiol than you need, since the few negative side effects of CBD are going to be more probable at higher potencies.

Start with lower levels of CBD oil and work your way up, tracking how you feel along the way. Don’t think that you necessarily need stronger CBD oils. Sometimes full-spectrum, low-potency oil can work even more effectively than broad-spectrum high-dose CBD.

Are there third party lab reports? Any good CBD oil company will be transparent about the testing that goes into their products. They usually make lab results readily available so you can see exactly what’s in the products. Don’t buy from a company that doesn’t make this lab testing available to you or you run the risk your CBD oil will contain unwanted contaminants.

Are there flavoured options? Maybe this is low on your priority list, maybe not. Fact is, CBD has a taste. Some people love it, some do not. Some companies have a variety of flavor options to help mask it, so decide on how important it is to you to be able to mask the CBD taste. 

If you are not a fan of the taste of hemp, make sure you find a company that sells flavored CBD oils. Look for a flavor like peppermint, which can help mask the CBD taste of organic hemp.

Are the customer reviews positive or negative? This is a new industry. As CBD oil became legal federally, you’re seeing more and more companies crop up. That said, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t monitor all CBD products in the United States, so you need to check online for consumer reviews. Without the backing of the FDA, you need to research and learn what people say about their experience with the product you are thinking of buying. It’s important to see if the CBD brand you choose values its customers. 

Is there a refund policy? CBD oil is an investment and it doesn’t come cheap, so be on the lookout for companies that will offer your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. 

The different types of CBD products

A CBD oil tincture might be the most popular option since it is a quick and easy way to get CBD into your body, as you simply use a dropper to put some oil on your tongue, and you could feel relief from symptoms almost immediately. 

The cannabidiol is usually in high concentrations, which allows for rapid absorption of the chemical into your bloodstream. Tinctures make use of MCT oil to carry CBD smoothly into your bloodstream. 

Taking a CBD capsule is like taking a pill and has a similar effect as the oil. The difference is your body will absorb the CBD slower. While the relief isn’t as immediate, capsules are still a great option for relieving widespread pain. 

If you need to get CBD into your body quickly, a CBD vape cartridge is the way to go. Using an infused vape cartridge can help immediately with something like migraine headache.

Topical CBD creams are a great option for localized, external pain, since you can apply it like you would any lotion. Medical conditions like joint pain arthritis may benefit from topical creams. 

If you are looking to CBD to prevent pain before it starts, CBD gummies are the way to go. Usually low in dose they could be just enough to put out a fire that is starting to simmer in your body. Consider adding CBD gummies to your diet like you would take a vitamin.

To conclude, for the best CBD oil to buy in 2021, go with either Royal CBD or Vibes CBD. Will you be joining the millions of CBD users around the world?


The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer. 


The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands Reviewed for 2021