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The story is true, Apple is selling water bottles priced at Rs 5,000, it has multiple features

The most expensive company in the world is called Apple Company. The price of this company’s phone or laptop is very high from other Android companies. This time Apple did not stop at these two things. Several days ago a special handkerchief was brought out for the customers. Although it was priced a few times more than the ordinary handkerchief.

No matter how high the price, the fact that consumers look at Apple with a different eye has been proven again. Shortly after Apple announced the handkerchief, the company’s goods quickly went out of stock. The handkerchief is used to wipe devices and gadgets. To put it a little better, it is called polishing cloth. This handkerchief was priced at 1900 rupees.

This time Apple is selling water bottles. The bottle is manufactured by another company, but Apple is selling it for. 59.95. If converted into Indian currency, it will stand at 4800 rupees. The name of the company manufacturing the smart water bottle is Hydrate Spark. However, the bottle is now only being sold in the United States.

The specialty of this smart water bottle is that the sensor of the bottle will tell when a person needs water. Hydrate Spark Company has launched two smart bottles so far. The first is Hydrate Spark Pro, the other is Hydrate Spark Pro Steel. The price of the second bottle is higher than the first. The second smart water bottle has more features. Moreover, customers will be able to take care of different issues regarding drinking water in these two bottles. Moreover, Apple Health app has been added to this bottle. The second bottle has vacuum insulated features, which will be used to keep the water cool for a long time.

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