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The stars said that they got a shock due to high voltage shock.

The social media brawl has been going on for quite some time with the advertisement of Pan-Masala brand. When Bollywood stars were involved in the advertisement of Pan-Masala band, they had to face a lot of criticism on social media. To netizens, Akshay Kumar also had to face trolls. As a result, Akshay Kumar apologized. But the drink-spice band is currently in contact with a Southern superstar for advertising. Recently, KGF Chapter-2 actor Yash was offered for the advertisement. Where KGF Chapter-2 starring Yash has made a huge impact at the box office. He is currently enjoying the success of his latest film and has completely rejected the offer to advertise the Pan Masala brand.

According to the source, the company which manages the advertisement of Yash said that things like betel spice and gutka are very harmful to human health. Nowadays this Kannada superstar has become very popular among the people. On the one hand, the fans have kept this superstar in their hearts, on the other hand, this superstar loves his followers very much. Gutka is very harmful and dangerous to human health. The rejection of the agreement was personally lucrative, judging by its own interests.

The company also said that the films starring Yash are getting great success at the box office. Even the southern movies are making a good impression one after another across the country. And let’s say Yash wants to use Pan India Cinema to give the right message to the fans. And the company has shown interest in advertising for bands that will benefit the public and have a positive impact on the public interest.

You may know that Akshay Kumar has been running the advertisement of Pan Masala Band for a long time. As a result, he had to face a lot of trolls. Although he later became completely detached from the band’s commercials. Besides Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan have advertised Gutka national products. As a result, everyone has had to face trolls from netizens. This information has come to the fore since this gutka advertisement offer of Yash was separated from Akshay Kumar’s gutka advertisement.

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