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The snake that the whole world thought was extinct for the last 60 years was building its army in the dense jungle.

The world’s population continues to grow day by day. So people have misused the forest and the earth’s ecosystem for their own benefit. On the one hand, as the world’s population grows, so do the natural resources. According to experts, one or the other creature or animal is constantly becoming extinct from nature. In particular, many wildlife species are now extinct or on the verge of extinction. One such reptile that has been extinct for over 60 years has been found again.

The endangered snake is ‘Indigo’ which was found for the second time in a forest in Alabama region of America. Which was believed to be extinct from the earth. But a few days ago, the snake was seen again in the national forest called ‘Konkuh’ in America. According to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Eastern Indigo snake was frequently seen about 60 years ago. Reunited after 60 years, we were able to bring the snake back.

According to the U.S. Department of Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources, the snake was abundant in the 1950’s. But due to human development and population growth, forests are extensively damaged. On the one hand it has increased the habitat and on the other hand it has reduced the forest area. As a result, many animals are now on the verge of extinction. However, the forest department is very happy to see this snake again. However, work has been started for the search and conservation of rare species of animals for a long time. According to forest department experts, a special feature of this snake is that it is not venomous but destroys venomous snakes.

This snake is one of the largest endemic snakes in the Americas, with an average length of 7-9 feet. This snake is known to play a special role in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem as it is non-venomous. However, the work to save the snake began long ago. Eastern Indigo This snake has been seen in many places before. Especially Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and many more. But in the 1950’s, snakes became extinct due to extensive deforestation. Which has been replicated through the Forest Department.

Considering the importance of this snake, in 2006 Alabama conservationists launched a project to reintroduce the snake. At first, all of them were preserved, but later they were reproduced and released back into the forest. At present, in this forest called Konkuh, all of them have bred extensively. Biologist Jim Godine said the discovery of the snake was a sign that it was living a normal life, just like any other snake. And their generation is increasing day by day.

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