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“The price of lemons has gone up”

At present, inflation is constantly skyrocketing. The prices of commodities like edible oil, petroleum, vegetables have made the life of common man miserable. Especially the price of lemon has taken away everyone’s night’s sleep. So nowadays one funny meme after another is being made about lemons on social media and users are constantly joking about lemons because of the price of lemons.

In such a situation, a video of a vegetable seller is going very viral on social media. Where this seller is seen reciting a lively poem in Punjabi with lemon. People are liking this video a lot and users are enjoying the video a lot. This viral video shows a man reciting a poem about inflation while sitting in a vegetable market.

He writes satirical poems about the vegetables whose prices have gone up in recent times. In the poem he says- Lemon cahedi don’t touch manu (Lemon says don’t touch me), Chili says don’t eat manu for some time (Lanka says don’t eat me some day), Oil v kahedi does not fill the tank No), don’t put the Cayway Cylinder Man in front of me (don’t call me a cylinder and set me on fire).

Not only that, this person has also compared India with Sri Lanka in his poems. After watching the video, you will surely like this person’s song and singing style. Now this video is going viral on social media. This video was shared on Twitter by a user named ‘habShabnamHashmi’. The video has been viewed by thousands of people so far. Everyone is very appreciative of this person’s song and style. There are some people who are making fun of him.

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