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The most honest player in the history of cricket, the umpire did not give out, but left the pitch 12 times

A passion and love for cricket fans. Like all sports, the game of cricket is limited by one or another rule. The game of cricket is managed by the ampere within 22 yards. Where the decision of the umpire is considered final. We often see amperes make the wrong decision. And many players are seen protesting the umpire’s wrong decision. Where many people also make annoying comments. But again not all players are equal. Today we will introduce you to a player whose mentality is completely different from other cricketers. Who left the field before giving out the ampere.

Yes, we are talking about Adam Gilchrist, the famous Australian star and former captain of Australian cricket. Who once rocked the cricket world with the bat. In Gilchrist’s cricket career, the umpire’s wrong decision forced him to move away from 22 yards several times. There have been many occasions where the umpire had doubts whether it was out or not, in which case the Aussie star has left behind on his own volition. Not only that, the Aussie star has been seen returning to the pavilion several times despite being given out by the umpire.

Former Australian cricket captain Adam Gilchrist has left behind a total of 12 times, not once or twice. He was not out when the reply was seen after returning to the pavilion. There the umpire’s decision was completely wrong. However, he left the bat voluntarily, believing the umpire’s decision to be correct. One thing is that not everyone has the same mentality during the game. Many cricketers have taken part in the history of cricket till date. Other cricketers will lose to Aussie cricketer Gilchrist in terms of mentality.

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