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The most expensive tree in the world, if you cultivate 1 cut, you will become a crore

At present farmers are facing huge losses in any field of cultivation. Due to this they are being forced to leave agricultural work and join any other profession. I will talk about cultivating a tree to solve the problem of those farmers so that they can benefit a lot. Let’s find out what that tree is.

The tree we are talking about is the sandalwood tree. It is possible to earn a lot of money by cultivating this sandalwood tree and the profit rate is also high. Although the government has banned this tree but the government buys this tree from the farmers with good money.

Chandan tree

Let us know some information about sandalwood tree and its planting.

There is a lot of demand for sandalwood in the international arena. Because the production of sandalwood in the world is very low. So the price of sandalwood tree is a lot. So if you invest in sandalwood trees, you will get many times more profit from the investment. Sandalwood trees are usually planted in two ways, one is organic method and the other is traditional method.

Biologically it takes about 10 to 15 years to grow sandalwood. On the other hand, the traditional method takes twenty to twenty five years. When the plant is in its early stages, it is more likely to be attacked by animals and insects. He needs to have a strong maintenance system at this stage.

Chandan tree

Use and business value of sandalwood.

Sandalwood has fragrant properties. Sandalwood is in great demand in the preparation of perfumes for this purpose. It is also in special demand in Ayurvedic medicine. Sandalwood is usually sold at Rs. 3 to 7 thousand per kg. Sometimes the price goes up to Rs 10,000 per kg.

If you also invest Rs 3 lakh in planting sandalwood, you will get many times more profit. By investing that amount of money, you can get a profit of up to one and a half crore rupees.

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