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The look of an actor who once gave a hit movie like “Tumse Achcha Kon” has changed a lot, you can tell by looking at the new movie.

There were many actors in Hindi cinema who became very famous with their solo films. But just as they became stars overnight, they suddenly disappeared from the film industry again. After that they were never seen in the industry. Such an incident happened with actor Nakul Kapoor.

You may all remember the movie “Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai”. Actor Nakul Kapoor was in the lead role in this film. He was accompanied by Kim Sharma and actress Aarti Chabria. Nakul became quite famous with this movie. His performance was well received by the audience. From the story of this film to its songs people liked a lot.

At the same time Nakul became quite popular through this movie. He was discussed everywhere then. But there is a saying that no one knows when and where to reach? Nakul was also quite liked in this movie. But after this movie he did not get any other film offer. Now surely you are wondering what happened that even after the success of the film did not get the offer of another film?

Today, through this article, we will tell you where actor Nakul Kapoor suddenly disappeared from the industry. It was a song from the 2002 film Tumse Aacha Kaun Hai. The song in this film is many years old.

But even today its craze is not over. Let it be known that Nakul Kapoor was a resident of Delhi. He wanted to act in films since childhood. He also got the opportunity. But later it was quickly snatched from him. After his first film, he disappeared from the world of cinema. Then in 2015 everyone got his news.

Suddenly news came that actor Nakul Kapoor is no more in this world. Some said he had been suffering from a disease for a long time which led to his death, while others said he had died in a car accident. But later, when the matter was investigated, it was found that the news was false, meaning that he was alive. Further investigation revealed that in 2005, he was seen on a Canadian television show “Terminal City”.

He then moved to Vancouver, Canada. Let it be known that actor Nakul Kapoor is very active on the internet. And share your own pictures and things related to yourself every day. Nakul has changed a lot now. His look has also changed a lot from before. Fans are still very eager to see him in the movie. But Nakul now lives in Canada and has said goodbye to the industry.

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