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The IPL made the young man from Uttarakhand a millionaire overnight, happily intoxicated family

IPL matches are being played in the country now. Ordinary people are participating in that match indirectly through Dream XI League. After the cricketers in the Dream XI League, money is also raining down on the common man. Let me tell you about one such example. You too will be shocked to hear that.

In fact, joining the Dream Eleven League made an ordinary person a millionaire overnight. That person can’t believe himself, he’s a millionaire now. The person is in Almora, Uttarakhand. The person’s full name is Lalit Mohan Nainwal. He lives in Chunni in Almora district.

He won Rs 2 crore from Dream XI. In Dream XI, he has teamed up with Delhi Capitals and RBC. In an interview, Lalit said that he has been building a team in Dream XI for the last 5 years. This year too he has formed a team. He named the group after his daughter. His daughter’s name is Malti Ninewal.

He woke up in the morning and saw that he had become a millionaire. Which he himself could not believe. Players hit 4 or 6 sixes on the cricket field. There are some cricket experts sitting at home making fantasy teams and becoming millionaires. Lalit Mohan is very happy to be a millionaire. His family members are also quite happy.

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